Taos Regional Airport

A Taos Air jet parked at the Taos Regional Airport in a previous season.

These seven words in the April 22-28 Taos News editorial threw me into a downward spiral from which I still haven't recovered: "the airport expansion IS going to happen."

Democracy is under assault at every level of government across the globe; we all know that a free press is one of the most powerful ways to shine light on issues that otherwise get decided behind closed doors. Here in Taos, though, it appears that the will of the people doesn't matter to the Taos News editors. How else could the airport expansion debate be declared as over? Even though the public is just beginning to get opportunities to weigh in on it? This editorial smacks of paternalism; evidently, residents are just too dumb to have life experiences and points of views that are worth considering - we simpletons just don't understand that "indirect" benefits are the best we can hope for.

Shouldn't the people have a chance to express our opinion about what infrastructure improvements we need and want most: increasing affordable housing, building and expanding crumbling schools and libraries, providing detox facilities, enabling local farms to have more access to water and markets, improving public transportation, ensuring residents have better internet access, funding fire prevention, reforming the policing system, etc. etc. - or focusing on expanding the airport? Which is more likely to benefit the most people? Both directly and indirectly?

This issue is a fundamental struggle over the character, values and future life of our county. Let's consider carefully!

Mickey Reilly


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(2) comments

Michael Wright

Since Taos County is primarily a tourist based economy, I don’t understand the opposition to expanding the airport.

Emily Taos

I find it interesting that the town attempted to annex the airport in 2014 and it was blocked by the courts.

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