Letters: Making solar customers pay

According to Kit Carson CEO Luis Reyes, the solar panels will flow excess energy into the grid and will “demonstrate that you can integrate solar into a larger network.” File photo.

I recently read where Kit Carson is trying to have solar customers pay more for their solar usage.

This is just another example of how the cooperative is not respecting their customers and makes a mockery of their slogan "owned by those we serve."

The first time I was aware of this was when Kit Carson Cooperative installed "smart meters" and would not let customers opt out of having them and use another kind of meter. I know, because I was at several meetings with CEO Luis Reyes and his representatives. They ignored us.

Now, in this age of solar being better for the environment and even the government offering those who install solar panels tax benefits, Kit Carson is wanting to charge solar users for saving energy.

The whole company's business practices seems to be lack of respect for customers and the environment.

Joanne Pentecost


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