In response to Diane Dau's letter about respecting our neighbors who choose not to get vaccinated against COVID, the problem is that those who are not vaccinated pose a serious health risk to the rest of the community – especially elders, children and those with compromised immune systems. It's not the same as making a choice to ignore that suspicious mole you just noticed on your arm; that affects solely you.

I can't get out of my head the tragic recent newspaper photograph of a 2-month-old baby in the hospital with COVID, tubes inserted in her body, anxious nurses hovering nearby.

Getting vaccinated during this pandemic is part of a social contract that we all take part in as citizens of this community, to respect and to protect each other from harm.

That seems to me the highest form of loving your neighbor as well as yourself.

Robbie Steinbach is an artist living in Ranchos de Taos.

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Dylan Crabb

An interesting judgement of vaccines on an Enlightenment idea. However, one could easily argue the opposite stance, individuality and a sense of self being a fundamental component to a collective.

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