I read the hate letter, "Go Away Rainbow" that Steve Samuel wrote and was published in last week's paper.

He certainly characterizes the Rainbow people as being a danger to others and to our community, and he builds a stereotype that none of us would like. Forest service road 439 is a favorite place where I like to hike and get exercise. I therefore went up there Friday, June 25, to see what was happening.

The campsite for the advance party of Rainbows was totally deserted and completely cleaned up. There was no trash to be found anywhere and to me it looked like it has always looked, a nice place to have a party. No damage had been done.

I am concerned about stereotyping and the ranting and raving that goes with it. I think we could easily call white men angry and dangerous based on the Jan. 6 event at the White House, and yet I know that is not the case. I even have a few white male friends and even Republicans, and they are actually quite nice and considerate of others. Not dangerous at all.

Remember there are apt to bad apples in any large group, but that does not mean the whole lot should be condemned. I wish the Rainbow Gathering good luck in their new location and thanks very much for leaving the campground on 439 clean and in good shape.

Respectfully submitted,

Charles Anderson


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