Gun enthusiasts argue that the 33,000 gun deaths in America every year — 68 percent of all murders — are not caused by gun ownership.

And the 49 murders in Orlando with a military assault rifle were not related to sales of military assault rifles.

Congress took action when the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta published their finding that, in a home where a handgun is owned, a family member is 43 times more likely to be shot than an intruder.

Congress voted to prohibit the CDC from studying gun death statistics.

To compare gun murder rates for all countries, the World Bank small arms survey charted the populations of all developed countries, expanded to equal the U.S. population. The gun murder rates in Greece and Canada came out the highest, with five per day — compared to 27 per day in the U.S.

I worked for a year in Vietnam as a surgical technician, primarily treating gunshot wounds. Those were not caused by guns either.

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