Local skier Robbie Forbes does a 360 at Taos Ski Valley on Thursday (Feb. 4).

Will Hooper/Taos News

A year ago, Taos Ski Valley caused an uproar among local skiers when it substantially raised the price of its season pass. This year, the price of a full pass, with blackout dates for holidays such as Christmas and Presidents Day, has been reduced by 40 percent.

The newspaper seldom editorializes about private businesses. However, since TSV is such an economic driver in the region, many people look at it more as a public entity than a private company. We are glad the company acknowledged its role in the community and lowered prices.

Many Taoseños grew up on the mountain. Since TSV opened in the 1950s, locals have gone there for exercise, for powerful rushes of adrenaline, for communing with nature, to spend time with their families and friends. Last year's prices discouraged them.

The rates - especially day passes - are still too high for most Taoseños to afford. Ski equipment and specialized clothing can put the sport out of reach.

The ski valley can get around that by working hard on programs for local school children. Generations of kids have been introduced to the mountains through school trips to the ski valley.

TSV could offer discounted events for people who devote their lives to our community such as teachers and health-care workers. These moves would not be unprecedented. TSV already offers a discounted rate for first responders.

Meanwhile, Taoseños should be aware that season pass rates are lower than last year.

As usual, the area is offering discounted passes for non-holiday skiing, midweek skiing, as well as for military personnel, youth and senior skiers.

Taoseños should be gratified that their voices were heard and make plans to get on the mountain next year. Skiing is good for body and mind!

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