Black Bear taken in Missoula County Montana

A rare wildlife sighting can be an incredible experience. An elk crashing through the brush, a mountain lion’s tail moving through distant prairie grass or a bear turning over rocks in search of food in a high mountain meadow — living in a rural area means Taos County residents have stories like these going back generations, passed down from one to the next as experiences to be treasured.

But if we’re seeing these animals in our towns, in our yards, then, more than likely, we did something to attract them there, and that can have serious consequences for these animals.

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Rev Fidel Butch Montoya

What an ironic statement by The Taos News: "if people and municipalities near bear populations take some basic precautions to ensure these animals, and all wildlife, are left undisturbed so they can co-exist with us in peace".

First of all, the bear cub found was suffering from malnutrition... caused by the man made forest fire that killed its mother bear, or separated them during the flight of the killer flames.

Second, the cub who probably had not yet been taught to forge food for itself was near death in the dumpster. Probably a last resort for food and survival for the cub.

Yes I agree wildlife should be "left undisturbed so they can co-exist with us in peace".

Quit destroying their habitat by using fire. By doing so, "human habitat" was also destroyed not counting the horrific loss of human life and wildlife unable to escape the largest man made forest fire leaving death and destruction in its path.

Also so odd, a picture of a cub from MONTANA forest had to be used highlighting the point, if you don't shoot them full of arrows for simply looking for food, we will probably never have an opportunity to take a picture in the NEW MEXICO forest of a cub.

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