Graph of rising global temperatures by R. Craig via Wikimedia Commons

Remember: Mother Nature always wins. It might take her 100 years, it might take her  1,000 years, or it might take her millions of years. She always wins, though, and she does not care what destruction and havoc mankind wreaks. You cannot beat her if you try to  fight her and take advantage of her. If you hurt her she will hurt you back a  thousandfold. She has all the time in the world and she honestly does not care about the  human race at all. 

Some of us pretend to really care about climate change and the environment while  most of us refuse to believe or deny that there is really any problem at all. The deniers,  and there are millions of them, and the unconcerned, of which there are billions, do not  understand and do not care to understand. They care about the here and now, not 100  years in the future, which is the amount of time necessary to undo the damage that we  have wrought, and that is only after we have begun to “turn it around.” Even the  politicians who profess to be concerned about climate change, etc., are so beholden to  the polluters of this world that their words and promises are empty.  

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