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Editorial: Extend air service now, fix potholes soon?

It was a little worrisome at first to see an item listed on the town of Taos consent agenda this week: $650,000 to extend Taos Air charter flight service to and from Texas into the summer, all of it …

Editorial: Gun bill good but won’t solve the problem

Sheriffs in 26 New Mexico counties, including Taos County, have convinced their county commissions to approve so-called Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions. The word “sanctuary” …
Avis Vermilye jokes with her closest friend, Anna Mae Patterson, on Saturday (Dec. 8) in her Taos home. Vermilye, diagnosed with Alzheimer's a year earlier, chose to go without food and water until she passed away Dec. 10. She decide she didn't want to go through what she had seen her parents and husband suffer through.

Editorial:  Life and death with dignity

Life is precious. So is quality of life. We do not get to choose when our lives begin. Most of us don’t get to choose when it ends. But some – like those diagnosed with a …

Editorial: Here comes the sun power

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has made it clear she wants New Mexico powered by renewable energy.We applaud her recent moves to make that happen. And we celebrate our local Taos County power provider Kit Carson Electric Cooperative for being ahead of the renewable energy curve.
Former Taos Mayor Darren Córdova (center) poses with Dynette Marie and others during the 28th annual New Mexico Hispano Music Association Awards at Ohkay Casino.

Editorial: Congrats to local musicians

Several Taoseños and Taos County musicians and singers recently swept the New Mexico Hispano Music Association Awards. We congratulate them all. They’ve done their communities …
Letter to the editor

Letter: Stop the nuclear madness

In 2017, the U. S. government spent $610 billion of our tax dollars on the military. And, that’s as much as the world’s next seven largest militaries spent combined – a total of …
Letter to the editor

Letter: Thanks for coverage

Thanks so much for the amazing issue last week (Feb. 21) with the deep and beautiful treatment of Avis. How timely and sensitive and to have all that print space was a treasure! The photos were …
Taos News editorial cartoon, Jan. 31, 2019 issue.
Letter to the editor

Letter: Pothole blues

Your editorial cartoon about a few potholes in city streets a few weeks ago is almost laughable.
Letter to the editor

Letter: Special ‘24 Hours’ photography magazine

Just picked up The Taos News (Feb. 28) and checked out your special “24 Hours: A Day in the Life of Taos.” Great job, Scott Gerdes! The entire booklet is well put together …
Letter to the editor

Letter: What is food?

In relation to the My Turn article by Terry Surguine in the Feb. 28 issue (”Say No to the Zombie Food Tax in New Mexico”), I wish to start the conversation about food tax by asking the …
My Turn
My Turn

Opinion: Women getting pushed to the ‘back of the bus’

Tell me ladies, have you started getting tired of being told to go to the back of the bus? I ask because that demand is on the increase and there is even more coming at you in spite of the fact that …
My Turn

Opinion: Make access to public data and records open by default

It’s only been a few months since Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham asked New Mexicans to “aim high” and declared an end to the state’s status quo and vowed dramatically to …
The late Taos artist Ted Egri's monumental steel sculpture, 'Flight of Wind,' was installed in 2017 in front of the Taos County Administrative-Judicial Complex.

Opinion - Wanted: World-class art in Taos public places

In the course of ordinary conversation, our small, quirky, isolated mountain town is roundly, routinely and almost reflexively proclaimed to be “all about art.” We trumpet the message far …
My Turn

Opinion: Why no public review for county gun resolution?

I attended the March 5 county commissioners’ meeting that discussed Sheriff Hogrefe’s proposed resolution that Taos County oppose the New Mexico state bills and laws to decrease gun …
My Turn

Opinion: ‘Strenuously disagree’ with firearms resolution approved by Taos County officials

Dear Commissioners, I was sorely disappointed to learn that by a vote of 3-2, the Taos County Commission voted to pass Resolution 2019-13, presented by Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe. The Second …
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