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Graduates react as salutatorian Cora Cannedy gives a speech Saturday (May 19) during Taos High School's graduation ceremony.

Editorial: Congratulations, graduates

Graduation season has arrived. The high school and college ceremonies begin today (May 9) as students who completed their high school equivalency certificates are honored at the Sagebrush Inn.

Editorial: Thanks to volunteers in a tough job

Last week, a team recovered the body of a man from the Río Grande.The recovery team - members of Taos Search and Rescue, Bureau of Land Management and a specialized team from the Taos County …

Plant a tree, care for a community

This is Earth Week and every day is a chance to help the beautiful little blue planet we all share.One way to do that is to plant a tree or take care of the ones you already have in your yard.Trees, …
Climate change is causing more frequent drought, warmer night time temperatures even in winter and other impacts that will affect plants, wildlife and humans.

Celebrating Earth, tackling climate change

Monday, (April 22), is Earth Day. This will be the 49th year people around the world celebrate the planet on this day. As climate change takes hold and humans begin to see the impacts in drought, …
State and local agencies encouraged pilgrims to stay safe by walking on roadway shoulders and wearing bright, reflective clothing that's appropriate for the weather. Those walking at night should bring flashlights.

Take care of pilgrims walking to Chimayó

This week, thousands of people will make their way on foot to the Santuario de Chimayó. You will see them walking along roads and highways around the region. They are on the annual pilgrimage to …

Opinion: Health care for all possible

In The Taos News issue of April 11 (My Turn), George Schurman presents "reasons" why Medicare for All is "impossible."Then why is it that every other "advanced" nation on the planet manages to have …

Opinion: Worried about homeless

I just read a frightening news story about the public health issues caused by street people in Los Angeles. We in Taos have many of the same problems on a smaller scale. There are homeless living in …
"Horses in the Field," photograph by Bruce Gomez. Courtesy of the artist

Opinion: Women losing personal rights

Brood mares! American women will soon have no more personal rights than female horses on breeding farms. And they will receive, on average, far less medical care during pregnancy …
Congressman Ben Ray Luján talks with supporters gathered for breakfast at Tiwa Kitchen on Tuesday (April 22) ahead of Luján's campaign for New Mexico Senate.

Opinion: Get corporate money out

To Ben Ray Luján:I am truly excited that you have chosen to refuse corporate PAC money in this campaign. Your email touched on the terrible harm corporate money has done to the welfare of …
The Taos News File Photo

Opinion: Hope for beleaguered river

Once again, a New Mexico river, the beautiful and beleaguered Gila, tops the list of America's Most Endangered Rivers. It's distressing that, as the 21st century grinds on, a little group of locals …
My Turn
The Taos News file photo

Opinion: Make your voice heard; oppose changes to SNAP benefits

Trump is at it again. Like he has done with his "national emergency" declaration for the border wall, he is attempting to use executive authority to ignore the expressed intent of Congress, and …

Opinion: Let it go, live longer

Equanimity means "evenness of mind, especially under stress," to remain calm when the pressure is on.Doing this allows us to think clearly and to decide what is the most effective thing to do under …
Befitting of his nickname, "Lil' Joker," Martin Rivera, 21, entered the courtroom April 17 with a grin on his face.

Opinion: DA: Stop letting felons off the hook

I am writing in regard to the plea given to Martin Rivera by the district attorney that didn't require an initial period of incarceration for Rivera at the New Mexico Corrections Department because …

Opinion: New laws are needed to combat inequality, climate change

As billionaire Warren Buffett pointed out a few years ago, there really is a class war going on in America - and the rich are winning. The major problem in this country is simple: The wealthy classes …
Caption as published: Dan Williams, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish.Starting April 1, non-hunting and non-fishing visitors will have to pay to play, view and enjoy 28 wildlife, wildfowl and camping areas managed by the Department of Game and Fish like the Colin Neblett area..Raw caption: DCF 1.0

Opinion: How New Mexicans can help wildlife survive and thrive

This week the United Nations released a report with devastating news: up to one million plant and animal species are now at risk of extinction. The study, which was based on thousands of scientific …
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