Taos Police Chief David Trujillo said he will miss visiting the Plaza in his police uniform. Trujillo announced his retirement from the department after 20 years.

Editorial: Thanks to Chief Trujillo

Community policing is a tough job, now more than ever, especially if it's in a town where you've spent years. Drugs, poverty and past traumas among Taos residents - along with the easy availability of guns - make every call a potentially dangerous one for law enforcement officers.
Town of Taos

Hear from your town council candidates

Taos voters will select two town councilors in the March 3 election. Those selections are important in light of a multitude of challenges facing the town, from diversifying the economy to resolving an affordable housing crisis.
Retired Tempo editor Rick Romancito, left, and new Tempo editor Lynne Robinson, right.

Tempo editor passes the torch

This week marks the first official change of editors for the Tempo arts and entertainment magazine in a quarter of a century.
Taos Tigers line up to offer condolences to Ernie and Alexandra Sandoval Tuesday (Jan. 28) before their game against the Moriarty Pintos.

Players come together following tragedy

When the Tigers played Moriarty in basketball on Tuesday night (Jan. 28) in Taos, it was no ordinary game. It was one of those moments when young people and a community show just how much heart and care they have for others.
Rick Romancito.Traffic is always a concern for anyone within the downtown area.

An open MainStreet

Taos MainStreet, like all other MainStreet programs around the state, is a private-public partnership and nonprofit meant to foster economic health in the historic downtown district.
File photo: Among various other issues, demonstrators advocated for peace, climate change justice, equality and abortion rights Saturday (Jan. 18) during Taos Women Rising on Taos Plaza.

Protect reproductive choices

Let me make one thing perfectly clear. No person, no organization, no government, has any right to control any part of my body. Invasions of my uterus are more violent and unlawful than kicking down my front door and seizing control of my home.
Lyla June Johnston

Standing with Lyla June Johnston

The lands in this part of the world show us the bones of our Mother Earth. With her bones exposed, it is often easier and more rapid to suck out her marrow.

Gratitude for letter writers

Many thanks to our readers who took the time to send us their opinions in 2019.Keep on writing to us!Lewis AndersonMark AllisonAnthony J. AyalaDan BarroneShadow BeartrackBob BresnahanDaniel A. …

Special Olympics skiing in Taos

Adding to your Special Olympics recognition article on June 13 ("Everyone is a champion in Special Olympics"), I would like the community to know we have alpine skiing also at Taos Ski Valley.
Holy Cross Hospital is located in Taos.

Put mill levy to voters in November

I know Holy Cross Hospital is requesting more mill levy funds from the county. Of course, hospitals always need money and I would not have a problem with my tax money going to them if they follow a fair process when asking for it.
My Turn

Opinion: No environmental review for LANL expansion?

As many of your readers know, the National Nuclear Security Administration, a stovepipe agency within the Department of Energy, is planning a massive expansion at Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Savannah River Site in South Carolina to increase its plutonium pit production mission to 30-80 pits per year.
File photo: This time of year, potholes eat away at streets and roads everywhere. Some potholes seem to form overnight while others form over time.
My Turn

Opinion: Pothole trials and tribulations on West Romero Road

In January a crew from El Valle dug a trench across West Romero Road near West Romero Place. They have yet to repair the road. I have come to learn from others in the Ranchos area that El Valle has a history of destructive practices and a lack of concern for their actions and their results.
Courtesy photoAndrew Chavez
My Turn

Opinion: Chavez announces candidacy for Taos County District 3 seat

I am Andrew D. Chavez, a Democrat from Llano Quemado. I am announcing that I seek the commission seat for Taos County District 3, currently held by Commissioner Gabe Romero. The …
People walk into the main entrance at Holy Cross Hospital in 2019.
My Turn

Opinion: When it comes to our hospital, choose facts over fear

An open letter to Mr. Rick Bellis, cc town of Taos councilors, Taos County commissioners, Holy Cross Hospital board members:I was at the Dec. 30 Taos County Commission meeting when you …

Both right and left guilty of misstatements

My issue with partisan discourse today is less about divisiveness and more about what I call intellectual laziness. Many seem incapable or unwilling to do the research before making blanket statements. Shades of gray have ceased to exist. Morality has been replaced by self-righteousness.
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