Editorial: A living wage is the right move

Business owners have to carry the financial risk of building a venture, as well as taking care of customers, finding and retaining employees, keeping up with ever-changing regulations and staying current with advancing technology. Increasingly, customers want to know it isn't all just about the bottom line. They want to know businesses are taking care of the environment and employees.
Justin Guadian, left and Marcos Chavez help clean up a major dumping site in Miranda Canyon in this 2015 file photo.

Protect Miranda Canyon

As a species, human beings are profoundly talented at trashing up land, water and air.We are also capable of cleaning up the mess we make when we set our minds to it.A local case in point is Miranda …
A model classroom inside Enos Garcia Elementary School's new wing.

Opinion: Support community school effort

Taos Public Schools has launched a new initiative beginning with Enos Garcia Elementary. Enos will become the first community school in the district, a place where staff, students, families and …
A pair of Mexican spotted owl fledglings at Apache Sitgreaves National Forest in Arizona. Courtesy National Park Service

Opinion: Judge, allow firewood cutting

Shades of the 1990s. A recent U.S. District Court ruling over the Mexican spotted owl is halting all "timber management actions" in New …
Festivalgoers vape at Meow Wolf's 2019 Taos Vortex at Kit Carson Park.

Vaping not safe for teens or adults

Electronic cigarettes are marketed as safer and healthier than cigarettes.As recent New Mexico cases of lung disease linked to vaping show, that's simply not true.Freelance investigative reporter …

Opinion: Approve two-mill levy

I am writing to urge the voters of Taos County, Río Arriba County and Santa Fe County to approve a two-mill levy added to property taxes to support the El Rito Campus reopening.

Opinion: Support climate strike

A letter to the Taos High principal:I hope the new school year and new school are treating you well. My two kids - Ella Katz and Silas Katz - attend Taos High and I was on one of your hiring …

Opinion: Thanks for fair coverage

I appreciate the thoughtfulness of your commentary on The Paseo 2019. Balanced and fair.Thanks! Janet Webb,Taos
Jesse Moya/The Taos News..Cubes of carboard are the most valuable resource at the Taos Recycle Center. The center gets the most revenue from selling these cardboard cubes.

Opinion: Possible to ban plastic bags

I read in the Taos News, with some dismay, that the town counselors could not bring themselves to ban plastic bags here because "Taos isn't ready."Who says Taos isn't ready, and how did they make …

Opinion: Fine articles

I learned so much in this week's paper (Leyendas, Sept. 19-25). Pillar stones - wow. What a mystery. Smokey Bear's tie-in with the Taos Pueblo and Greek George. A fine article on La Pocha Nostra …
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Photo by Jacob BykRoberta Salazar
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Opinion: Help protect wildlife for generations to come

Our Upper Río Grande watershed - which stretches from southern Colorado down through Northern New Mexico - is considered one of the best-connected wildlife migration landscapes in the country.
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Opinion: We are a nation under duress

We, as a country, have gone off the rails since 9/11. The long list of strategic missteps is well known but culminates with the unprecedented, Russian-interfered election of the current president.
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Opinion: Learn more about protecting rivers, wetlands at these events

Through several collaborative efforts across the state, Amigos Bravos has been partnering with acequias groups to protect water quality and to promote acequia infrastructure.

Throwing support behind Senate candidate Ortez

Kristina Ortez will stand with all New Mexicans and clearly stands with the values of our district. I cannot in good conscience stand in the way of such a candidate who shares my values, our district's and state's values and will make the state Senate more inclusive and representative of New Mexico.
Katharine Egli.Taos Superintendant Lillian Torrez
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Taos School Zone played a critical role

By Dr. Lillian Torrez and Catherine HorseyThanks to the Taos News for the wonderful coverage Oct. 3 of the new community school at Enos Garcia ("New principal and staff reinvent Enos Garcia …
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