Glassware pieces are among some of the bargains to be  found at the CAV Thrift Store, where your holiday spending can also benefit others .

Best gift

The shopping ... er … Christmas season ... is here. It is loads of fun to pick out special gifts for loved ones in anticipation of the holidays ahead. While you are out and about selecting those gifts, here are a few suggestions to make your dollars do some good where they are needed most.


Many cultures around the world celebrate and give thanks during the autumn harvests. While the history of the official Thanksgiving Day in the United States is controversial, giving thanks is not. Thanksgiving is simply a designated day for something worth practicing every day - saying thank you.

Restoring the Río Fernando de Taos

The Río Fernando de Taos is a thin wisp of a river by many standards. But it is an essential body of water that meanders its way for miles down through Taos Canyon, across the heart of Taos and past Fred Baca Park. It feeds traditional irrigation ditches, succors farms and orchards along its length and sustains the wells that supply people living along its length from Valle Escondido to Ranchitos. And the river is in trouble.
The Taos Pueblo Veteran’s Day procession walked through the pueblo village to honor veterans past and present.

Honor our veterans every day

Veterans Day is over. But for veterans of war, the battles are never done.
Ranger cabin in the Carson National Forest covered in snow in 2019.

Public comment deadline today on draft of Carson National Forest plan

The public has until the end of today (Nov. 7) to comment on forest management plans for the Carson, Santa Fe and Cibola national forests. Those plans will guide management and specific projects on those national forests for the next two decades.

Comfort in a psalm

In these turbulent and divisive political times I've found comfort and truth in Psalm 15 from Stephen Mitchell's "A Book of Psalms, Selected and Adapted from the Hebrew" (ISBN 0-06-092470-50):

Six-year terms?

Six-year terms? One of the numerous problems of our era is the insane cost of political campaigns, and the fact that, from the first moment of inauguration, a president has to start planning for and raising money for the second campaign.

Remembering Sen. Cisneros

New Mexico has lost a unique public servant in the recent passing of Senator Carlos Cisneros.
Karen Eberhardt/Taos News ..The Taos Recycling Center will no longer be taking glass or plastic as part of the new operations at the center.

Solar glass grinder?

What is more important: money or the environment? It pains me to have to put glass and plastic in the trash, knowing that it will stay in the landfill for hundreds of thousands of years.

Taos needs a dog park

Thanks to Kurt Mayne for his letter, "Leash up loose dogs" (Oct. 31). He's right, of course, that people with dogs should obey park rules and use leashes. But this brings up an important issue - which is the lack of an off-leash dog park in our community.
My Turn

May I interest you in a conspiracy theory?

For the past few months, I've been carrying on a conversation with a woman -- who lives right here in Taos -- on the multifarious conspiracy theory she is proud to believe in.
Courtesy photoDr. Charles Anderson, MD

Good news for beer drinkers

I am writing this to seek the attention of our beer drinking community. This includes athletes, non-athletes, young people, old people, men and women, just about everyone.

Consumerism is the true 'War on Christmas'

After railing on Fox News about the non-existent "War on Thanksgiving," we can expect our Divider-in-Chief to hold forth on Fox News about their other non-existent fantasy, the so-called "War on Christmas."
Fall colors along the mountains near Chama, New Mexico

LWCF is good for New Mexico businesses - so let's fund it

A few years ago, I moved out West for the same reasons many young people are doing so these days - I was in awe of the mountains, and unlike in Oklahoma, where less than 5 percent of the land is public, I could access vast areas to hike, hunt, fish and otherwise enjoy the great outdoors.

Welcome to America, land of the racketeer

Welcome to America, and congratulations on having to learn all that useless information that you'll never need again. What you, and your children, need to understand is that America is a racket.
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