Editorial cartoon
Candyce O'Donnell, a local elected official, is the only woman on the Taos County Board of Commissioners.

Editorial: Keeping the gal in her place

Well, isn’t that just nifty? Three of Taos County commissioners figured out a way to throw a leadership bone to second-term Commissioner Candyce O’Donnell. They’ll let her be …
HEART of Taos founder and board president Kathryn Herman welcomes guests Friday (Dec. 7) during HEART of Taos' third annual holiday benefit at Old Martina's Hall in Ranchos de Taos.

Things to watch in 2019: HEART of Taos struggles

HEART of Taos launched in 2016 to help homeless women and children with services, housing and emergency shelter.
The Tierra Montosa Apartments on Gusdorf Road, developed by Stephen Crozier of Tierra Realty Trust, are among the few affordable housing options available in Taos. 

Things to watch in 2019: Affordable housing needs

How bad is the lack of affordable housing in Taos? Real bad.

Person to watch: Hotel developer Jay Batra

Hotel developer Jay Batra faced a firestorm of Taoseño furor when he proposed building a four-story Holiday Inn Express across from the Sagebrush Inn. Batra, who successfully renovated and …
Some of the staff at Friday Motors in Taos were all smiles in the showroom in 2016.

Business to watch in 2019: Friday Motors

Some of the staff at Friday Motors in Taos were all smiles in the showroom in 2016 and they have more to smile about now with snow on the ground and the economy doing better. 

Opinion: Change how opioids are dispensed to change addiction crisis

The prescribers of opioids are partially responsible for the current opioid crisis. We are remiss in explaining to the patient when it is time to stop any opioid, he or she will have withdrawal …

Letter: H.O.P.E. notes continue

On the 9th of December my program, The Taos H.O.P.E. Project, and volunteers with Common Ground went out to the bridge for the monks’ ceremony and we brought hundreds of little notes of …

Letter: Work together on Molycorp tailing cleanup

This letter is in reference to Chevron Corporation's reclamation project at the Questa (Molycorp) Mine site. The work done by Chevron Corporation is to comply with the Questa Mine site being …

Letter: Lights on Plaza lovely

Thank you for the lights on the Plaza; they are lovely. We would like to express our gratitude for the choice of the warm hue LED lights and creative lighting design in the …

Letter: Governor Martinez gives parting shot

Gov. Susana Martinez, unable to cripple an incoming Democratic administration à la Wisconsin and Michigan due to the lack of a compliant Republican legislature, still …
My Turn
Courtesy photoCade Cannedy
My Turn

Opinion: Looking back at elections, competition is sparse

With 54 percent of New Mexico legislative races lacking major party representation in 2018, we once again find ourselves in the bottom 10 states.
Courtesy photoSiena Sanderson

Opinion: New Mexico women, Native Americans struggled for right to vote

When I was 12 years old I needed to do a report for my eighth-grade history class. My mother, who at age 43 had just returned to college to get her degree in history, suggested I write that paper …

Without Reservations

My Turn

Opinion: Are we still a republic in the United States?

At the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention in 1787 in Philadelphia, as the delegates were leaving the hall, a woman approached Benjamin Franklin and asked him what type of government they had …
My Turn

Opinion: How many Americans struggle in the Trumpian days?

I wonder how many Americans are struggling in these Trumpian days with memories that come, unbidden, from our childhoods?
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