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Editorial: Help Stray Hearts

Stray Hearts Animal Shelter is charging a fee to people who surrender their pets voluntarily but not to people who bring in strays.

Our view: Serving the greater cause: McCain's true legacy

The man, the warrior, the politician, the statesman was, like all of us, an imperfect human. Yet he remained true to the idea that we are better when we work for a greater good -- something …

Editorial: Taos County schools - year of excellence ahead

Schools around Taos and Taos County are back in session now. (Yes, parents, we know you are cheering inside.)Some schools started the academic year on a sour note. Their report cards from the state …

Editorial: Heroes and big questions after Tri-County closes

Taos, Colfax and Union counties faced a behavioral health crisis when Tri-County Community Services suddenly announced it would close with barely two weeks notice.Everyone from the state's top …

Editorial: Make the Gorge Bridge safer

Dozens of people turned out Aug. 16 to hear the state's recommendations for preventing suicides at the Río Grande Gorge Bridge. The state Department of Transportation and Federal Highway …

Letter: For the Dancers

Taos, I've been dwelling among your parts for the better part of two years, and I'd like to chip in with some words. There are quite of few internationally minded folk in this …
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Letter: Kudos to sheriff's deputies

 Very late on an August night, a neighbor came to our somewhat isolated home crying out for help to deal with a dangerous situation that clearly required a 911 call. I was told by dispatch …

Letter: Celebrating the American Revolution, Constitution

At the request of the Taos Mountain Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Gov. Susana Martinez proclaimed the week of Monday (Sept. …
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Letter: Thanks for help

Thank you, Dr. Linda Lynch and crew. Thank you, Loren and helicopter crew for saving my life.
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Letter: More digging into schools

The article, "Taos County School Grades Released" by Jesse Moya on Taos schools and particularly on Questa, was one of the worst pieces of news reporting...
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Opinion: Taos County residents, You have a choice for Taos County Sheriff

Taos County residents, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jani Dean Davis and I am running for Taos County Sheriff. There will be two sheriff candidates on the ballot this November 6th . …
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Opinion: Improving our National Forests is a kid's job

New Mexico's beautiful mountains, mesas, forests and streams inspire all of us who live, work and play here. Fortunately, all Americans are blessed with access to these landscapes through our network …

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Opinion: Who says bonds are boring?

The upcoming local, state and national election on Nov. 6 is an important one no matter what your party affiliation. But on the back of the ballot, where it is very easy to overlook, a small item is …
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Opinion: Nurse turned ER patient thankful for Holy Cross Hospital

Letter to Bill Patten, CEO of Holy Cross Hospital: After experiencing the service in your emergency room, I had to write to tell you of the exceptional employees you have.
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