One silver lining of the pandemic of 2020 may be that people now, more than ever, are doing something about improving their indoor environments. State-of-the-art technology is available today that can enhance the quality of the air you breathe, something we are all concerned about in our homes and business.

As a vital part of this trend, Taos-based Phoenix Mechanical is very busy, according to owner Bob Draper, “installing the heating and cooling units with filters and others we service, are all part of keeping a healthy work environment. Municipal buildings and churches are among our clients who are taking positive steps to ensure people are optimally protected.” 

It should come as no surprise that this one-stop-business for anything you can imagine to go wrong in your home or business, would embrace the times we are living in and rise to the challenge of expanding their services to meet the needs of the community in a year like no other. 

Draper says he’s “seen and repaired it all” since arriving in Taos in 1971, when he began his career as  a service person.

He and his team of over 30 experienced tradespeople understand that most service calls are urgent, with consequences to a home or business owner if matters are not rectified quickly. 

A heater that stops providing warmth, pipes that burst in the dead of a Northern New Mexico winter night, or lights that suddenly stop functioning, can be a showstopper for business or home and dangerous to the people inside.

Draper views Phoenix Mechanical’s role in the business community is to render help with professionalism, the technical skill to get the job done, and kindness when you need it most. 

Integrity, transparency and trust

At the core of everything Phoenix Mechanical does, is building customer relationships with integrity, transparency and trust.

His company can handle any property issues that crop up in our unique Northern New Mexico location. Sometimes there are complicated irrigation, plumbing and electrical issues in historic homes and buildings built decades ago, or even an outhouse or two. These and hundreds of other unique trouble calls, quickly resolved, are on the resumé of this Taos treasure.

Skilled in every facet of repair, installation and maintenance, the Phoenix Mechanical team boasts licensed technicians who can repair plumbing, electrical-mechanical utility lines and can do general building construction. 

If you’re in the market for a fresh addition to your home, a bathroom or separate casita that needs the works – electric, plumbing, a boiler or sprinkler system. Phoenix Mechanical can do it all.

In addition, they have a fully stocked showroom floor for those who prefer to do the work themselves. Anything you need to repair a home spa, plumbing, electrical or construction materials for the home is on the shelf.

Phoenix Mechanical’s business philosophy and secret to success and longevity in town is genuine care for fellow Taoseños, and the team members, who are family. 

A trusted team and family

“We’re not just a team,” Draper stresses. “We’re a family who complements each other’s roles, and check each other’s work, and have each other’s backs. That cohesion, more than anything else, is how you know you can trust our results.”

A can-do work ethic and understanding that choosing Bob Draper and Phoenix Mechanical for your home or business needs is based on trust and respect that they will deliver results. This is at the heart of the customer service experience with Phoenix Mechanical. 

“We want to earn that trust and respect with every trouble call and always provide a professional, skilled and courteous experience.” 

To schedule service, call 575-758-3027 or go to


Phoenix Mechanical 

1217 Gusdorf Road, Taos

Hours: Monday-Friday 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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