The choice to use a for-profit bank or a not-for-profit credit union is always up to the consumer. For some, it’s an easy decision. Credit unions are known for their low fees and high-quality service. At Nusenda Credit Union, they take customer service to an all-new level by starting with their employees.

Nusenda realizes that when employees are treated with integrity, respect, and understanding, the ripple effect will result in customers (members) being treated the same. They have simplified the equation and make the numbers work: take care of your employees, and your employees will take care of your members. From the moment a Nusenda employee greets a member, the higher level of service is clear.

Members Always Come First

Nusenda Branch Manager, Michelle Griego, is a prime example of an employee who has benefited from Nusenda’s culture and care for the community. Part of Nusenda’s Taos family for more than two decades, Griego exemplifies the positive ripple effect of being treated with respect, “Our members are our top priority. Our goals always start with our members. It’s about what we can do for them, not what we can’t do.”

Serving the state of New Mexico with a local branch in Taos, Nusenda operates as a cooperative bank, which means they are invested in their members’ financial well-being. And that commitment to people and community is precisely the Nusenda difference. Nusenda employees are members of the local community who, like every engaged community member, want to see our town thrive. When businesses are successful and individuals and families can meet their financial goals, the community is stronger.

The better Nusenda performs, and the more engaged their members are, the more they give back to members and to organizations that support Taos. That’s putting people over profit in action.

Giving Back to the Community

Guided by their members, they follow seven cooperative principles that help to instill core operational values, and one of those is ‘Concern for Community.’  Before the pandemic, the local branch got involved in Nusenda’s ‘Adopt A Cause.’  Together, employees shopped and provided well-stocked backpacks for Pull Together – an organization that strives to strengthen the opportunities and resources for New Mexico families in need. As the state begins to look beyond the limitations of the pandemic collectively, Nusenda employees will no doubt be once again involved in hands-on volunteer enterprises to make their community, and ours, a better place.

Nusenda Credit Union

640 Paseo Del Pueblo Sur

Taos, NM 87571

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