She has 25 years of experience in the bedding and furniture industry. She has started and operated six successful stores in two states. She is recognized in the industry as a thought-leader and gives back to the community as a valuable volunteer and accomplished entrepreneur. She has traveled the world to learn the techniques required for quality mattress construction. 

One would think Mary Domito, who we know as ‘Mattress Mary’, might be ready to slow down. “I’m just getting started,” explained Domito, with infectious enthusiasm in her voice, “there’s much more to come.”

A new, private label lifestyle brand

This month, Domito is opening a door to a new aspirational, lifestyle brand, the Double-M/Taos Brand™. “I’m introducing my brand to serve our community with exceptional home furnishings at accessible prices and to share the quality of life that we have here in Taos with others.” The private label that bears her moniker will include furnishings she has hand-selected, tested, and vetted for quality, value, and comfort. “If my name is on the label, then the product will be rock solid,” assured Domito.


“I’ve always thought that if my dreams don’t scare me, they aren’t big enough,” concluded Domito, “but that doesn’t mean they can’t be sweet.”


Seventeen years ago, Domito founded Sleep Sanctuary, a small mattress store that has transformed into Taos Lifestyle, a brand that has become integral to the Taos community. Self-described as “a little bit of an outlaw,” there is little doubt Domito has had to pull on her big girl boots given her propensity for kicking down glass ceilings. Yet, her business model has never been about forceful measures or aggressive actions. “I am a big supporter of women entrepreneurs and encourage a sisterhood of success but we can be successful without aggression, without trying to be someone we aren’t,” explained the woman who has built her business on forging friendships based on trust, her astute knowledge, and an unwavering commitment to quality and value.

Double-M/Taos Brand™

The Double-M/Taos Brand evokes the images of our distinctive mountains and the images – that Domito took with her smartphone, are on the packaging. “I have an on-going love affair with Taos and that’s why my mattresses are named after our surroundings.” Indeed, ‘Rio Grande’ is her top-of-the-line mattress and ‘Taos’ is her best-selling mattress.

A great deal of planning, preparation, and decision-making goes into creating a private label brand. Domito has a prerequisite that any product that carries the Double-M/Taos Brand meet her discerning specifications for quality, value, and comfort and that level of due-diligence takes time.

Domito personally curate’s wool from the Jensen Ranch in California, a climate-beneficial wool mill where she sources her brand’s all-natural wool. It is then shipped to a 125-year-old wool factory in Michigan, a third generation, family-owned operation that also passed Domito’s stringent quality assessments. Months later her husband validated her decision when he commented that he “felt cradled” in one of her signature all-natural wool bed toppers. “If it says Double-M/Taos Brand, I’ve personally hand selected it and deemed it a great product.”

Meet AM1GA, our new BFF

As she prepared to market and advertise her Double-M/Taos Brand, Domito wanted to evoke the spirit of Taos and knew just who to call. It was important to her to use local people and she brought in Bill Curry, owner of New Mexico Productions, to produce a series of videos that showcase her new lifestyle brand. She also brought in AM1GA, our new ‘best friend forever’. She found the restored 1948 matte black Chevy truck on e-bay and promptly named her ‘AM1GA’, in support of women who follow their dreams. AM1GA plays an integral role in the Double-M/Taos Brand. “We’re all wrinkled teenagers here, there’s a youthful energy about us but we’ve got wisdom too. AM1GA fits right in; she’s got a lot of life in her.”

AM1GA will help draw attention to the new lifestyle brand but it is the quality and value that will resonate. Domito’s brand, including her popular bed-in-a-box, comes with a 120-night sleep guarantee, a 20-year warranty, and free shipping to 48 states. High-quality woolens in a variety of selections are synonymous with Double-M/Taos Brand bedding and sheets. But as she has already hinted, Domito is just getting started. The horizon includes more expansion with her lifestyle brand which will include a line of gift items and household goods. “I want to see Double-M/Taos Brand become a destination for travelers. I plan to offer a selection of meaningful gifts that represent the uniqueness of Taos,” explained Domito.

She has also continued her commitment to the community. As an active member of the TCA Board of Directors, Domito’s passion is bringing the art of music to Taos. When asked about the pandemic, Domito replied, “the past year has been a challenge and we have worked hard to keep everyone safe. We’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and I’m excited to help bring live music back.” In partnership with the TCA, the Double-M/Taos Brand is sponsoring Liz Longley, the accomplished Nashville-based singer-songwriter recognized for her critically acclaimed voice. The concert is scheduled for July 23, and is one of the many ways Domito gives back to her community.

Double-M/Taos Brand™

Exclusively at Taos Lifestyle

710 Paseo del Pueblo Sur

Taos, NM 87571

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