It may only be early February, but take advantage of all those quiet days at home to go through receipts, statements and a year’s worth of paperwork to prepare for April 15. Like it or not, the tax deadline is right around the corner.

Burt Taos CPAs, LLC – a full-service firm located in the heart of Taos – is ready to guide you painlessly through the process.

For decades, Burt Taos CPAs (formerly Taos CPAs) has been representing clients throughout Northern New Mexico, dedicated to providing each with the highest level of professional and personalized attention.

The filing year 2020 has presented several departures in the tax code from previous years, including late-season tax law changes that were linked to the additional stimulus and coronavirus aid packages. 

Beyond that, 2020 placed many individuals and small businesses in uncharted territory, from unemployment to gig work to reduced or shuttered operations. Even if you have prepared your own taxes in the past, the circumstances of 2020 make it worth your while to consult with the experts at Burt Taos CPAs.

Did you experience a major life change, such as a home purchase, birth of a child, a job change or a divorce? Are you uncertain as to how your working from home impacts deductible business expenses? Are you a gig worker for multiple employers? Let yourself be guided through the many items or situations that could have tax implications and find all the deductions to which you are entitled. 

When your taxes are completed, let those same experts help you devise a year-round tax planning strategy to avoid future last-minute scrambles through disorganized piles of papers.

“In addition to tax preparation and other compliance work, we at Burt Taos CPAs can provide you with business valuations, audits, general business check-ups, consulting and other services,” said Kristi Luhar-Blake. “Working with you as a team, the staff will help you prioritize your financial goals and ensure your best financial footing,” she noted.

The present day office is an amalgam of Taos CPA, which was established by Fred Winter in 1985, and its 2017 sale to Burt & Company in Albuquerque. The merger of the two highly successful accounting firms was a “win-win for both,” Luhar-Blake said.

“The transition was a smooth one, with the same technology and the same employees maintaining the Taos office.  And an expanded range of support and service were brought to the local community.”  

 Ron Schranz, CPA, CVA, is the managing member of the Taos office with over 25 years of experience in tax, accounting, bookkeeping and a specialty in small business consulting. As a business owner himself, he leads by example in the way he and his partners – Matthew Pacheco, Misty Schuck and Tammy Jaramillo – run their firm.

Other members of the staff include: Megan Heiser, CPA, who has worked in public and private accounting since 2010; Kristi Luhar-Blake, Enrolled Agent, with over 30 years of experience in tax preparation and accounting; Cathleen Palumbo, lead bookkeeper and expert with employer reporting and GRT; and Susan Shivas, who serves as the company’s client excellence coordinator.

 “This is the first time our firm has had a second office, and because of the synergy of the two offices, the Taos office now has more technical and support capabilities to serve the community,” Schranz remarked. “I believe this demonstrates our commitment to the Northern New Mexico community, and the Taos business community has responded favorably.”

“We’re happy to remain a hometown business.”

Burt Taos CPAs, LLC, is located at 630 Paseo del Pueblo Sur, Suite 175. For information visit or call 575-758-3964. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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