Louise Rose is as individualistic in her outlook as she is as an independent Taos Realtor. That combination has ensured her success matching clients with the home, land, or investment of their dreams.

Before moving here, Louise was a stock broker with a NYSE firm. She raised her sons, Justin Bailey and Andrew Morrison, who graduated from the diverse and superb Taos High School. "Children who grow up here are well-prepared to live anywhere in the world."

Louise has been blessed with loyal clients who appreciate her upbeat approach, her ability to listen and her wacky sense of humor.

“Finding someone the perfect home or ranch is the most personal transaction they can have,” Louise said. “It is rewarding to find exactly what they are hoping for. Getting to know a client involves listening closely. Particularly if they are from out of town, it’s important to understand exactly what has attracted them to our unique and intriguing heart and soul of the Southwest.”

It’s an intuitive process utilizing countless hours with people of many languages, cultures and ethnicities. Often the initial home she shows them is the one they select.

“Show them what they want; not what other clients urgently want or need to sell unless it’s the perfect thing. It saves a lot of wear and tear on everybody.”

Having lived in Taos since 1973, Louise has witnessed many changes. She believes the spirit and essence of Taos never changes, no matter how many people move here.

In 1982 she and a fellow Realtor implemented the first ‘Realtor Tours.’ Within two years, the Realtors were ready for a Multiple Listing Service (aka the MLS). Clients finally had the benefit of knowing the house they were buying was the best possible choice for them, and they no longer had to go to every broker in town to find out what was for sale.

By 1985, she and two other individuals brought the first real estate franchises to Taos. Louise sold her successful ERA Taos Realtors in 1991. Three years later, she bought the Realty World, Taos franchise, and subsequently sold it to work independently.

Because today’s market is red-hot, her boutique business is in demand by word-of-mouth and referral.

Louise said, “Personally I rarely go to a doctor or a lawyer who advertises since the most experienced and talented are as busy as they can be. When I advertise it’s for the benefit of my sellers, so they get the exposure.”  

Among her longtime clients are the Comptons: Mike, a successful commercial and high-end home contractor, and Jane, the Taos optometrist whose first available appointment is early October.

Louise sold the Comptons their first house in Ranchos, the first one they looked at; and then 20 years later, she sold it for them to the first buyers who looked at it.

The new doctor, his wife and their poodle, were staying in a motel and needed a place immediately.

Two weeks later the Comptons were on the move with their two young daughters, four horses and three dogs.

The Comptons are currently selling Taos Creek Cabins featured in the pictures with Louise on this page.

Pat Allen, another longtime Taoseño and owner of 9 to 5 Ship & Print said, “I still remember that the first house Louise showed me was the one I bought. It was the easiest purchase ever. She is still my Realtor after 30 years. 

Louise’s pink, white and black property signs are striking. Each carries a reminder: “Please do not disturb the owner,” a thoughtful touch that embodies both the Realtor’s signature personal style and savvy business acumen.

Louise has enjoyed a life full of world travel and adventure and, when she is not selling real estate, she is working on a book. If you are a fortunate new client she will regale you with stories and you’ll immediately find yourself connecting with this powerhouse of energy. You’ll know you made the right choice in selecting your Realtor.

“This past decade has been the best of my life, and I’ve been happier than ever,” she said. Share her enthusiasm and let Louise Rose help you find the home that will make you as happy as you have ever been.

Contact Louise Rose at rose.louiserosehigherandhigher@gmail.com, or call her at (575) 770-1307.


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