Walk into Wanda Lucero’s State Farm Insurance agency and you might be surprised. 

It is indeed what one might expect to see from one of the nation’s leading insurance companies: desks with computer monitors, papers and client folders, and employees answering phones and helping clients. Yet it feels, and even smells, a little bit like home. It could be due to the well-cared-for plants, the art on the walls, the candy in the large glass bowl, or the subtle yet soothing air freshener. There’s something about the place that says, “family.”

“I don’t think of the work I do as being in sales,” explained Lucero, as she sat in her office surrounded by local artwork and photos of her family. “My passion is to help people and our office environment is warm and inviting for that reason. I want our clients to feel welcome because we care about them.”

Lucero’s genuine authenticity is nearly impossible to miss. The office is indeed welcoming but not in a manufactured way. Rather, the feeling is of family — of walking into a familiar place filled with people you can trust. 

That trust is likely one reason Lucero’s small business, that specializes in home, auto, business, and life insurance as well as financial services, has received the Best of Taos award every year since its inception in 2013. Lucero is also recognized as a ‘Preferred Agent’ with State Farm and has received multiple sales achievement awards. 

Lucero’s success is founded in her steadfast commitment to her community. Her staff are born from the same mold. When asked about her employees, it was clear that what resonates with Lucero is the shared commitment to service. “I’m so proud of my team. Sometimes I don’t hear these stories until much later — it’s such a part of who we are.” 

Lucero is referring to the ‘above and beyond’ examples that proliferate from her staff. Like the times during the pandemic shutdown when clients were homebound and Rita Rodriguez who has worked with Lucero for 15 years, routinely drove to client’s homes to not only pick up their premium payments but also delivered groceries and checked on their well-being. 

There was the time a client was in a car accident with a claim covered by the other driver who was at fault. Rather than turn her client away since another agency was handling the claim, Linda Montoya helped her navigate the process, answer questions, and when she needed a ride home to Questa while her car was being repaired, Linda finished her workday obligations and then on her own time, picked up the client and drove her home. Lucero has dozens of these stories from her dedicated team of five.

Next year, State Farm Insurance will be celebrating its 100th year in business, which nearly coincides with Lucero’s anniversary on Dec.1. For 20 years, Lucero has supported the Taos community with everything from making sure athletes traveling for sports activities have food to eat to her ‘It’s a Cinch to Help’ campaign, which delivers food and provisions in cinch-tied bags to families in need. 

Yet, perhaps the most telling thing about the unassuming woman with local roots so deep, “you’d need a backhoe to pull them out,” is her response to new agents who seek her advice. 

“I’ve been asked by agents the secrets of running a successful business and I explain that there is no secret recipe. Being successful will happen when we take the time to listen to our clients and uncover their needs. We then work together to find the best fit for them. It’s all about focusing on our customers,” concluded Lucero.

And it is precisely that ‘can’t-be-taught’ compassion and conviction to doing what is right for her clients that are the keys to her success. With Lucero, success begins on the inside.

Wanda Lucero State Farm Insurance
211 Kit Carson Road
Taos, NM 87571

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