Valle del Sol to leave Taos, state

Valle del Sol will be officially ending its operations in New Mexico by the end of July.

Valle del Sol, the leading behavioral health clinic in Taos County, announced it will be discontinuing service to New Mexico, affecting the Taos location and eight other facilities across the state. According to a press release from the organization, they will cease all operations in the state by July 30, 2021, leaving the county without a large behavioral health services provider.

Valle del Sol says the decision to cease New Mexico operation was in part due to the financial impact of COVID, and that keeping facilities adequately staffed made the operations less stable. They say they are committed to a smooth exit. “Our agency is committed to transitioning patients in a culturally inclusive and clinically appropriate manner to one of the Behavioral Health providers contracted with [the Behavioral Health Services Division],” said the press release.

The organization also said it has the goal of helping patients transition to "locally owned service providers.”

This leaves Taos once again facing a situation similar to that in 2018, when Tri-County Community Services closed their doors. Tri-County offered many of the same behavioral health services – mental health counseling, addiction counseling, and medication management, among others.

Town of Taos manager Rick Bellis said that people shouldn’t worry too much. “Because the state contracts for the service, they're not going to leave people hanging,” he said. “Just like with Tri-County [closing]... they contracted another provider to fill in, so that will probably happen.”

Bellis added that it is likely the state will “put some sort of intermediary agency in there to bridge things, but Valle del Sol is not pulling out till July, so we do have some time.”

This is a developing story, check back for updates.

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Elaine Ray

Yes, I have had several attempted tries to get supportive assistance from Via Del Sol in the past for my Autistic adult son. One point that impacts supports like this to the disabled is the state's practice of withholding supports for disabled adults while they wait on a 10+ yr. wait list, therefore you can get no services because the funding is not there. Secondly, during the intake mtg. I had with my son at Via Del Sol I was told that they did not have qualified staff to provide services. And thirdly, I could not get a follow up call from this organization even after my son's health care coordinator attempted to contact them on his behalf. This program could have done so much more. In the end they began serving drug addiction patients instead of helping the disabled. The supports are not there, or they are being provided by untrained and under qualified persons. To bad, all my son wanted was a place to feel accepted and loved. We are not qualified was the response. Just think about that, a true sign of the times....

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