The planned building swap between the Town of Taos and Taos County that will see the county take ownership of the old detox facility on Weimer Road is nearing completion, according to Taos County Manager Brent Jaramillo.

During a joint meeting between the Town Council and County Commissioners on Oct. 28, Jaramillo and Town Manager Rick Bellis explained they are still waiting on the title companies (or companies who make sure the title to real estate is legally and properly transferred).

“The deeds have been sent to the title company, but as everyone knows title companies are a little backed up right now,” said Bellis. He said after speaking with the town attorney, they think the transaction will be complete in two to three weeks.

District 3 County Commissioner Darlene Vigil asked about ways to start moving forward with the detox as quickly as possible, and suggested a separate MOU be drafted to allow the county to begin using the facility while the deeds are held up by the title company. “The sooner the better,” she said.

Jaramillo said town and county attorneys are working out the “legalese” of the MOU, and said that he and Bellis had not yet seen the draft, but hoped it would be soon.

Bellis noted that currently, the detox facility is being used by Holy Cross Medical Center three days a week to administer vaccines, boosters and COVID tests, but said after speaking with Holy Cross CEO Bill Patten, it may be possible for the county to begin using the main center room of the facility.

Bellis said if the hospital was still using the facility by the time the transaction was complete, they would help the hospital find an alternative location to provide COVID safety measures.

“We're almost to the finish line,” said Jaramillo. “It might take another two to three month’s at the title company level before the buildings are exchanged.”

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