The Court Executive Officer of the 8th Judicial District Court, Karl Brooks, will be leaving the position in August. Brooks said he has enjoyed his time working for the 8th District but was offered a job teaching in his hometown of Lawrence, Kansas, where he will join the School of Public Administration and Affairs team at the University of Kansas, his alma mater.

According to an internal email sent to staff by 8th Judicial District Chief Judge Emilio Chavez, Pam Nay, the Deputy Court Executive office and Court Financial Officer take over as the new CEO. “Karl's shoes will be hard to fill, so I'm really pleased to tell you that Pam has accepted my request to become our new CEO,” Chavez told his staff in the email.

“This transition will be seamless, and I am sure you'll agree that Pam will do a tremendous job as our new CEO. Pam knows our operations and people inside out, and has earned the trust of our judges. She'll step right in as our senior staff leader. We've set big goals for the [8th District], and Pam is exactly the right leader to help us all attain our objectives,” he went on.

As a part of joining the SPAA team at KU, Brooks will be teaching a graduate course on the basics of court administration, and will mentor undergraduate students. He said is happy to return to his home state, but said he will miss Taos and his work at the 8th District. “It's been wonderful. It's been an honor to work with our judges and it’s been an honor to work with our court staff. They're tremendous people — really capable, very professional, super dedicated…  Chief Judge Chavez, he's a model for the kind of guy you'd like to work with and for.”

Chavez said he is glad Brooks “will be helping mold a new generation of public leaders. I hope that we've taught him a few things about teamwork, dedication, public service, and mission focus that he can pass on to his students. Northern New Mexico's loss will be Kansas' gain.”  

Brooks’ decision to leave comes on the heels of the departure of Court Community Liaison and Public Information Officer Matthew Van Buren. 8th Judicial District Attorney Marcus Montoya said he did not currently have plans to fill Van Buren’s role. “Matt Van Buren was a valued and versatile member of our team. We have no plan in place to fill his spot,” he said in an email.

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