Taos Pueblo announces new leadership 2021

Taos Pueblo's tribal council selects new leaders including a governor and warchief each year.

New Taos Pueblo officials for 2021 have been announced by the tribe. Clyde M. Romero Sr. will serve as Governor and Fred L. Romero has been named the tribe's War Chief, according to official announcements from their respective tribal offices.

This is the second time Clyde M. Romero Sr. has held office of governor, having served in 2014.

In addition to Clyde M. Romero Sr., others named to the Taos Pueblo governor's staff include Lt. Gov. Samuel Gomez, Tribal Secretary Dwayne Lefthand Sr., First Sheriff James Duran, Second Sheriff Quanah Pemberton, Head Fiscale Evan Trujillo, Lt. Fiscale Raphael J. Suazo, Fiscale Curtis Sandoval Jr., Fiscale Angelo McHorse and Fiscale Damon Young.

In addition to War Chief Fred L. Romero, those named to his staff include Lt. War Chief Steven Archuleta, War Chief Secretary Jeremy S. Lujan, and War Chief staff members Marvin Lefthand, Dominic J. Montoya, Miguel Pemberton, Sky S. Romero, Gabriel F. Gomez, Dwayne T. Lefthand Jr., Dwyer J. Lujan, Corwin Vigil, and Forrest C. Lefthand.

"A Tribal Governor and War Chief, along with staffs for each, are appointed yearly by the Tribal Council, a group of some 50 male tribal elders," according to a statement posted at taospueblo.com. "The tribal governor and his staff are concerned with civil and business issues within the village and relations with the non-Indian world. The War Chief and staff deal with the protection of the mountains and Indian lands outside the Pueblo walls."

The all-male official staffs serve one-year terms beginning Jan. 1 and ending Dec. 31.

All official correspondence should be addressed to the Honorable Governor Clyde M. Romero Sr. and the Honorable War Chief Fred L. Romero.

"On behalf of the the outgoing 2020 Tribal Administration, we would like to extend our sincerest appreciation to all organizations, businesses and individuals who have provided the Pueblo of Taos their support and assistance during 2020. We wish you all a prosperous New Year," an official statement reads.

For more information from the governor's office, contact Executive Secretary Valentina L. Romero at 575-758-9593, ext. 21. For more information from the War Chief's office, contact Executive Secretary Rima Gomez at 575-758-3883.

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