Lisa O'Brien, executive director of the Taos Housing Partnership, addresses the Taos County Commission during its regular meeting on Tuesday

Short-term rentals may soon be regulated more strictly in Taos County — if an ordinance that's in the works comes to fruition.

The Taos County Commission heard a presentation regarding the ordinance at its regular meeting on Tuesday (May 16), during which housing, property and development issues featured prominently.

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Bruce Katlin

In addition to the short-term housing cap, I propose that owners who do not live in Taos County full-time pay a higher tax. The higher tax rate should also be applied to that same group who own homes in Taos County but do not liver here full-time. Revenues raised could be used to build quality, affordable housing.

Once again, I pose the question, "Development at who's cost?"

Andy Jones

Hi Bruce, a lot of people would like to see a separate tax structure for second homes. Unfortunately, current state law does not allow for this. There has been legislation proposed within the past couple of years to allow for up to a 10% year-to-year tax assessment increase on second homes (3% is the current cap for all properties), but it has not gotten much traction at the Roundhouse. At any rate, this is an issue that has to be tackled at the state level as the County does not have the authority.

Jim O'Donnell

The 95% number is just astounding. I knew the situation was bad but I didn’t realize it was that bad. It’s one thing for local residents to utilize the grandma cottage as a vacation rental but when 95% of the vacation rentals are owned by people who don’t even live in our community, well, that’s very problematic. Again we are being colonized and exploited from outside. this new ordinance looks like a good start but I don’t think it goes far enough. 1000 vacation rentals is still too high. People in our community need that housing.

ronald polichnowski

Jim you are 100% correct. The Taos area is short of workers as they cannot afford the rental prices and/or rental unit shortage. 1,000 short term rentals is way too high. Should be 500 or even less.

Andy Jones

Hi Jim! The idea behind the 1,000 permit cap is this: 1. The majority of these homes are second homes (of which there are close to 4,000 in the County), so preventing these people from renting them out when they are not here does not automatically convert that housing stock to long-term rentals; 2. There are between 900 and 1,200 unique listings for STR in the County right now ... maybe more depending on the season. This gives those people an opportunity to come into compliance while acknowledging that not everyone will be able to come into compliance, and then it says, "no more" ... in that way it's more about conserving existing housing stock than trying to wrestle more units back, which I think makes sense because of No. 1; and 3. 1,000 permits is a little less than 5% of total housing stock, and I built in a mechanism for the Commission to increase the cap so long as it never exceeds 5% of total housing stock. 4. For better or worse, we're a tourism-based economy. I know we agree that we need to diversify, but right now there is a need to accommodate that somewhat.

Andy Jones

I'm not sure why this is showing me as "guest2607" ... this is Andy Jones

Alice Robison

is it only me? I have never heard of Farmers Helping Farmers on Salazar.

Elizabeth Chapman

Me either. and why doesn't this article address the huge Ace buildings going up in Arroyo Seco?

Elizabeth Chapman

The map shows them on Santistevan across from Fred Baca Park

Jim O'Donnell

I’ve never heard of it either.

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