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CJ Grace (left) and Daniel Tredwin (right) appear before Judge Jeffrey Shannon for a hearing on Tuesday (Dec. 21).

The principal of Taos High School and the Superintendent of Taos Municipal Schools have filed for a temporary restraining order against a former substitute teacher for allegedly harassing and threatening school staff after being fired.

Principal CJ Grace and Superintendent Dr. Lillian Torrez both have pending litigation in the 8th Judicial District Court against former substitute teacher Daniel Tredwin, according to court documents filed Dec. 3.

While Torrez said she could not comment on an ongoing personnel matter, court documents show that on Nov. 20, law enforcement officers were called to the residence of Tredwin after a “public disturbance” was reported.

Officers arrived to find Tredwin in “an agitated, angry state” as he expressed his frustration toward Grace after being let go from the substitute staff. The entire encounter was captured on Taos Police Department body camera, and a copy of the video was eventually shown to Grace.

In the bodycam video, Tredwin allegedly threatens to “physically and violently” harm Grace “because he was taken off the list of persons to be called as substitute teachers,” according to the civil complaint.

Grace and Torrez were made aware of the physical threats on Nov. 30 after law enforcement approached them about their safety. According to the written request for a temporary restraining order, Grace said Tredwin threatened to “kick my head in” and “ranted about me for more than 30 minutes.”

The complaint then states that on Dec. 2 around 1:30 p.m. Tredwin showed up at the Taos Municipal Schools’ payroll department in an “agitated, upset state of mind, speaking in a loud voice for the purpose of discussing his continued employment as a substitute teacher.”

Allegedly, as the staff attempted to talk to him, he became more agitated and angry, but eventually left after about 15 to 20 minutes.

Because of the alleged incidents, a temporary restraining order was filed requesting that Tredwin have no contact with students, employees or other personnel within 100 feet of Taos High School; that he stay 50 feet away from Grace at all times; that he refrain from phone, email, and internet contact with Grace and Torrez; and that he have no contact with any students.

During the first appearance before 8th Judicial District Judge Jeffrey Shannon on Tuesday (Dec. 21), Grace’s and Torrez’s cases were merged, and Tredwin asked for a continuance, due to the fact he was appearing pro se (without legal representation) and wanted to give his side of the story.

Shannon granted the continuance on the stipulation that the temporary restraining order already established would be continued. Tredwin did not contest the temporary order, but did say he wanted the ability to speak with fellow friends and colleagues at the school.

The case was moved to a date in January yet to be determined.

This is a developing story.

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