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During his first season, Dr. Tim "Quigley" Peterson's small clinic could barely withstand the alpine winds that blew his back door off its hinges.

Over 30 years later, Mogul Medical has evolved into a community health care center that serves around 1,300 patients in Taos Ski Valley each ski season.

The small medical facility now has 11 beds and held a grand reopening on Wednesday (Dec. 18) to welcome in the 2019-20 ski season.

"We have a philosophy of caring for our community," said Peterson. "I think that's going to continue."

Peterson started Mogul Medical in 1987 as the unofficial medical response of the area. Operating off of the "yellow channel" (radio), he would tend to injuries around the ski valley. Since 1988, Mogul Medical has been operating in a building across from The Blake hotel.

Recent renovations gave the facility more room for a treatment bed as well as a break room for the six physicians on staff.

"There's just more space to work," said Linda Lynch, who has worked as a physician at Mogul for nearly 10 years.

According to Peterson, all his staff have emergency room experience and are trained to handle everything from breaks and bruises to filing prescriptions.

The facility acts as an urgent care center, but also a community health care provider for residents of the ski valley and northern Taos County.

According to Christa Castro, a physician assistant with Mogul for 10 years, the most common injuries treated at the center are knee and wrist injuries, along with altitude sickness.

Taos visitor Cody Wyscaver stopped into the clinic for a hand injury and left with a wrap and a smile.

"We were on vacation," Wyscaver said. "I got hand warmers and hugs, so it's going to be all right."

Mogul Medical continues to expand their services from the initial 1988 opening, when the operations were small and simple including handwritten notecards for medical records.

The facility is able to treat major trauma and medical emergencies, manage and stabilize fractures as well as identify breaks via a digital X-ray machine on site.

"All of the staff are used to dealing with emergency situations in their everyday careers," Castro said.

In major emergency situations, like January's fatal avalanche that killed two skiers, staff are prepared as soon as the call from ski patrol comes in. Some situations call for a physician to meet ski patrol on the hill to assess a situation, but back at Mogul, a helicopter and ambulance wait ready for the call for transport if they are needed.

Peterson said the clinic will continue to grow and staff has plans to expand the urgent care services in the future. Mogul Medical is open seven days a week during the ski season but is planning to stay open for two days a week from Memorial Day to Labor Day in 2020. Castro and Lynch are also part owners of the facility.

A previous version of this story failed to mention Castro and Lynch are partners with Peterson in the business.

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