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Taos County residents work on building an off-grid structure during a 'VolunTuesday' event in Carson.

Taos County's board of commissioners and administrative staff took the recently-proposed “Livable Environment Ordinance” off the table this week after a group of residents — who primarily live on or near the West Mesa — decried language that would affect their off-grid lifestyles by adding requirements related to curbing “public nuisance,” such as removing drivable vehicles from properties.

“The Taos County Board of Commissioners would like to announce that, following extensive constituent feedback, the proposed Taos County Livable Environment Ordinance will be tabled until such time when there is opportunity to continue discussions with the community at large and invite feedback on community standards regarding potential nuisance properties that may represent a clear threat to public health and safety,” reads a statement from Taos County Public Information Officer and Special Projects Coordinator Anissa Arrambide.

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Brian Lewis

My understanding is that the Draconian item that was presented was only for guidelines, not an ordinance proposal as it read!

In my discussions with my council person, this was supposed to be about weed and brush abatement and some took it too far! As we are going to have more and more drought conditions, hotter temperatures in the coming years and decades, a weed and brush abatement ordinance is necessary! The Taos Fire Departments have no authority to cite or enforce any form of weed and brush issues! We should all be a bit more aware since the recent nearby wildfire, but for the most part, property owners are not doing their due diligence for themselves, neighbors and surrounding community.

A brush and weed abatement ordinance is long past due in my opinion. The rest of that proposal was horrible! We have no need to be Draconian, we need baby steps in a proactive fashion! My opinion as someone who has lost 2 homes/everything to arson brush fires in Los Angeles CA and in the Sedona, AZ area! I would hate to see this happen to anyone!

I will continue to keep my property clear and I hope that the rest of Taos County residents and property owners will do the same!

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