Equine vet to make regular visits at equine sanctuary

Dwight Hooton Courtesy photo

Equine Spirit Sanctuary is pleased to announce a new service to local horse owners. Beginning this week, equine veterinarian Dwight Hooton will be in Taos on a regular schedule weekly, Friday through Monday. He will be available to treat horses at the sanctuary on Fridays and Saturday mornings.

Hooton was raised in Albuquerque on his parent's quarter horse farm. He graduated in 1987 from Colorado State University, one of the premier centers for equine lameness worldwide, and is also certified in acupuncture and chiropractic. He became involved in endurance racing, which led to working with endurance races internationally. He is a veterinary judge for the Federation Equestrian International and has served as the team veterinarian for the United States Endurance Team.

In 1998, he worked for Dubai Equine Hospital with endurance, breeding work, embryo transfer and flat racing and was assigned to look after the Jebel Ali Palace stable, internationally known for top endurance competition Arabian horses. He stayed in Dubai for seven years, then returned to the United States when his grandkids started to arrive and established the Elk Park Animal Hospital in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

Hooton returned to the United Arab Emirates as an FEI adviser, working on developing a program of standards and guidelines for endurance competitions. This led to the formation of the Bouthib Initiative, which is based on continuing global education with the welfare of the endurance horse as its primary goal. Hooton is a member of the team that created a set of rules for endurance riding that emphasizes the bond between horse and rider, challenging riders to present - throughout the competition - a horse that is fit for the job and fit to continue his job. The Bouthib Initiative has grown, giving endurance horses a longer career.

The veterinarian has clients in the Taos area and is looking forward to spending more time here, teaming up with Equine Spirit Sanctuary to offer his expertise in equine veterinary care. To make an appointment with Hooton, call him at (970) 799-7675 or email drhooton@gmail.com.

Have veterinary questions or concerns about your horse? Meet Hooton at the "Spring Open" House at ESS on Saturday (May 27) from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Bourgeois is the executive director of Equine Spirit Sanctuary, 13 Los Caballos Road, Ranchos de Taos. Call (575) 758-1212.

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