The Holy Cross Medical Center board of directors and interim CEO James Kiser met with Taos County officials and commissioners — both present and future — on Nov. 16.

Holy Cross Medical Center is asking for the support of Taos County residents and officials as it tries to identify sources of funding the hospital says it desperately needs for hospital improvements.

Interim CEO James Kiser and members of the Holy Cross Medical Center board of directors joined Taos County officials and commissioners for a work session to discuss the hospital's situation last Wednesday (Nov. 17) inside the County Administration Building's commission chambers. 

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John Lapin

Quorum must go. Which Taos Town Counselor came up with the idea of placing a for profit corporation in charge of a small community hospital?

Christopher Painter

I am a huge supporter of having a functioning, modern hospital in Taos. Too bad HCMC fired a highly qualified and popular surgeon for mysterious reasons, alienating the community, patients, and staff all at the same time. Now HCMC needs funding from the very public it more or less told to go kick rocks...

Go kick rocks, Quorum.

Carol Miller

This article has several major errors. Major. Errors. Taos County is the owner of the hospital. If Taos County shifted the ownership, it was not done in public. Taos County would not need to be "fiscal agent" of a facility it owns. Whoever put out this, has no idea what a "fiscal agent" is. When Taos County voters passed the initial bond issue to build Taos Regional Medical Center, a board member from Grant County and made a presentation about how they were organized. The county commission rejected the Grant County model and has bungled along from corporate management to corporate management beginning with Brim, moving on to Quorum. All of these problems were predicted and ignored for nearly 30 years.

If a small rural hospital needs $12 Million for an updated EHR, who is the vendor setting up to make a huge profit?

I recommend the reporter and Taos News publish accurate information and issue a correction to this garbled mess of a "news" report.

Mary Anne Wisnewski

There was a time not even twenty years ago when HCH was an extremely successful small hospital with full services and actually operating in the black. Then, Quorum Health Care was brought in to "manage" the hospital, does anyone recall them receiving a million dollars or so for their services? How much is Quorum being paid now, and exactly what value do they bring to our community? What are the salaries of the hospital administrators, and how many "administrators" does a tiny hospital need? Perhaps the overall management of this facility needs to be more closely examined before more money is handed over by taxpayers already supporting the hospital with a tax.

Pati Martinson

No more anything until we get rid of Quorum.

Del Endres

Correct! A small community non profit hospital managed by a for profit corporation. And they bring in their people snd have demeaned our community RN were told they did not count and would not be promoted. Many left, to Española.

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