A short documentary film produced by the Taos News about the historic Calf Canyon–Hermits Peak Fire that burned over 341,000 acres across Northern New Mexico in 2022.

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Tamara Fraser

Such an incredibly powerful video! I must say it is very insightful and well done. I do have one little problem, though. The blue ail box followed by the swing set and destroyed home are mine and my husbands property and the place we have raised the majority of our kids and grandkids. The devastation of our family home can be very painful. We have seen on social media, The Santa Fe New Mexican, and various other sources, pictures of our home and land posted for others to view. Now the Taos News has followed with a documentary. I understand the need to show those who have not lived through this the horrific situation so many of us have been put through, however, I have one small request from everyone who has the need to publish, photograph, or videotape our once beloved home; please, please, please ask permission or let us know before putting our pain before the world! My family and I really don’t enjoy reliving the trauma every time a well meaning person puts our burned home and land in the public eye. Thank you, Tamara Fraser

Stephanie Lindsey

The video is very well done and conveys quite a bit of information as well as emotion in a concise, effective way. Thank you. We look forward to finding out more about how we can physically volunteer and help with recovery and replanting in the future, too. Please keep us posted.

Palmer Cyn

I live in Rociada and my home was damaged and impacted by the fires, and now the flooding. My village alone lost 51 homes.

Thank you for this thoughtfully produced video. I hope you do another. This type of information is so crucial to this issue.

Valerie Yaros

Thank you Taos News for posting this.

Elaine Bergman

This is an elevated form of reporting. Thank you Taos News for supporting this work. Well done!

Tommy Lyles

Great production by the team. beautiful footage Nate Burton!

Alycia Owen

Hats off to Nathan Burton, Geoffrey Plant, and John Miller for this stunning documentary! It's a brilliant call to action for anyone who loves New Mexico's beautiful lands.

Gary HIllman

Disturbing, informative and beautifully crafted. Bravo to Taos News in their new format for informing our community.

Roberta Chambers

This is very moving with an extremely important message. It is very well done and the photography evokes strong emotions about the devastating losses. Taos News is to be congratulated for this great effort. Thank you!

Bonnie Golden

The destruction that has hurt our neighbors, our communities, is heart breaking. This small film is powerful, thank you.

eliza gilkyson

Great job, Nathan Burton and Geoffrey Plant. Could have watched even more of it and hope maybe there will be a longer version sometime as the monsoons and floods hit along with hopeful rebuilding and replanting. Gorgeous, moving photography and the music is very moving as well. Thank you for putting this together!

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