Electric vehicle infrastructure

Electric car lovers will soon have even more reason to feel at home in Taos County as Kit Carson Electric Cooperative is adding nine more electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in the Enchanted Circle, bringing the total number of planned stations to 19.

The self-pay stations are just one component of a comprehensive plan to move toward a renewable energy transportation ecosystem in Northern New Mexico that will reduce carbon emissions and provide opportunities for rural communities to invest in more energy-efficient vehicles.

"We are creating a clean environment for our communities, to preserve the natural beauty of Northern New Mexico," said Luis A. Reyes Jr., chief executive office of KCEC. "Creating a carbon-free climate will raise the standard for a better quality of life for our younger generations."

The nine new charging stations are planned for the Northern New Mexico College-El Rito Campus, Ojo Caliente, the Taos Municipal Airport, the Town of Taos parking lot, Peñasco, Angel Fire Resort, the Village of Eagle Nest Village Hall, the Town of Red River and the Village of Questa.

KCEC recently began hosting meetings with state and local governments, industry leaders, educational institutions, law enforcement agencies and others to plan for an EV future.

Known as the KCEC Beneficial Electrification Plan, meeting attendees discuss energy resources, public transportation, EV car dealerships, fleet conversions, EV rental cars, workforce development, marketing initiatives and more.

In May of 2020, KCEC received a New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) grant award of over $200,000 -- one of 43 projects throughout the state - intended to initiate an EV charging station network across the region.

KCEC will partner with Sol Luna, a local solar installer, to build the EV charging stations using a local labor force, and with Guzman Energy, a wholesale energy provider helping the cooperative meet its goal of providing 100 percent daytime solar energy by 2022.

For more information, visit kitcarson.com.

This article is a followup to a more detailed article on the planned northern New Mexico EV ecosystem.

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Liz Fox

While this is great news, It would be interesting to know how the electricity is generated, in other words, a more comprehensive story, please.

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