Ryan Trujillo, a Taos native and 2008 Taos High School graduate has become quite a familiar face in Northern New Mexico over the past year, particularly in the Real Estate community. He was recently acknowledged as one of the top producing Realtors in New Mexico and #1 Top Producing New Broker in the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices system for BHHS New Mexico in 2020.

Trujillo has deep roots in Taos. He was born and raised  in El Prado. Grandfather Luis Martinez was the owner of the Gulf gas station on Taos Plaza, county commissioner, and a bus driver. His father, Phillip Trujillo, is a contractor who built Orlando’s Restaurant (originally a Southwestern art trading post) and his mother, Francina Martinez, is a real estate specialist  for the U.S. government. Aunt and biggest supporter, Dolores Trujillo, was a long time educator in the Taos school district.

After graduating, Trujillo left Taos for a decade. He played soccer at Occidental College in L.A. traveled in Europe, worked for sports, entertainment, and fast-growing software companies, before coming home to Taos. 

The Taos News asked Trujillo about his transition back into the community and his successful first year in the real estate industry, along with his thoughts on the bustling New Mexico market and on preserving the rich history, culture, and heritage of the region. 

Connection to New Mexico

“Growing up in Taos, I've been fortunate to be part of a culturally rich community, surrounded by an incredibly diverse landscape that offers a plethora of activities to experience, and breathtaking views,” says Trujillo. “Taos draws people here for so many reasons which makes it an ideal place to live and visit. Growing up here, I experienced living off the land in the truest sense: tending to gardens and orchards, spending time in the mountains skiing, camping, hunting, and fishing.”

In the summer of 2019,  he returned to Taos. After 10 years away, he missed his family and the land and wanted to reconnect with his roots. “The decision to get into real estate was born out of my family history here in Northern New Mexico and my enjoyment of the land. I love sharing the land and the rich history of Taos. With that in mind, I became a Realtor in November the same year I returned,” Trujillo says. 

Shortly after beginning his new career, he met Page Sullivan, a veteran Realtor who is a wealth of knowledge, who he refers to as the “Queen of real estate” in Northern New Mexico. Page has been a major influence and at the Page Sullivan Group of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Taos Real Estate, he found a team in the truest sense - a group that cares about helping others as if they are helping their own family. 

“I want people to feel comfortable, knowledgeable, and confident as they move forward with what may be the most significant purchase of their life. I want to be there for them and educate people about the community; to be an inside resource to Northern New Mexico,” says Trujillo. With his background working in fast-growing businesses and marketing, he brings his skills to help people navigate the real estate market which relies so much on technology such as remote showings. 

Preserving the history, culture, and heritage 

Having grown up here, Trujillo is passionate about preserving this remarkably special and diverse community. “It all begins with recognizing the beauty of nature around us and respecting Mother Nature, along with acknowledging those who have come before us to shape our rich traditions, especially the indigenous community,” he observes. “Preserving the community includes things like supporting local businesses and artisans, looking for ways to care for our elders and veterans, supporting youth education programs and extracurricular activities, and donating to local charities. I try to support local businesses by consuming their goods and encouraging others to do the same.”

This summer, he is hoping to partner with others to coordinate a clean-up of the mountains around Taos. Another commitment for Trujillo is caring for our elders. “I was fortunate to have my grandfather until he was 100 years old and saw the need for our elders to be appropriately cared for and loved. In the future, I look forward to getting involved in youth sports, local politics, and continuing to promote health and wellness in the community,” he says. 

Taos real estate market

When asked about his insights on the current local market, he says “There is a real estate boom across the country, but in Taos it is unique because it is a small town and a very desirable place. While it is a great market, it is also a challenging one. There is limited inventory, which makes it harder on the community and people who seek longer term housing. It’s a balancing act - a challenge to make sure Taos remains a place where everybody has a place to live.”

Trujillo says that if anyone has thought about selling their home or land, now is the best time to do so. For those considering buying property, he points out that interest rates being offered are at historic lows and suggests starting a conversation with a lender. 

He advises buyers to develop an understanding of different and unique areas. “Learn about the different architectural styles; the region is known for traditional Southwest adobe, territorials, sustainable Earthships, and more,” he says.




For more information

Contact: Ryan Trujillo, Associate Broker at Page Sullivan Group | Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Taos Real Estate | 314Paseo Del Pueblo Norte A, Taos, NM 87571. E-mail: ryan@homeinnm.com Phone: C: 575.770.8650   O:575.758.1924. Website: www.homeinnm.com.

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(8) comments

Michael Martin

Working with Ryan on the purchase of my first home felt like hitting the realtor lottery. We were not local to Taos and decided that, rather than continue to rent and flush money in a major metro as we worked from home, we would buy a home in Taos and ride out the pandemic from a beautiful and historic mountain village.

Well, Ryan took our situation in stride and gave me walkthroughs on Facetime and helped me get acquainted with the area through in-depth discussions over the phone.

Once we finally landed on the right house, working with him up-leveled even further. We communicated via text at any time, we hopped on calls whenever I had a question, and his ease with email, Google Drive, e-signatures, etc. made this process much easier than I could have anticipated.

In addition to his working process, he is a many-generations Taoseño. His deep family roots in the community allowed us to get any plumber, contractor, inspector, lender, etc on the line within hours. These relationships also helped grease the wheels in cases where, without his help, the process would have been delayed and taken much longer than necessary.

All in all: we're now settled into a historic adobe home a mile from town and we wouldn't be here without Ryan's guidance. I continue to be thankful to him (and hit him up for local recommendations!) and look forward to having a new friend in town. If you have the chance to work with Ryan, do not hesitate!

Georgia Villaflor

Ryan did what I believe was a very good job as my agent. He was always responsive, dogged in digging up properties for me to see, and in the eventual negotiations too, I think. When we were first paired, I had some trepidation because I was a first-time buyer, and he was a brand new realtor. Thus I have no previous experience to which to compare him, but I ended up happy and felt well taken care of. It was a long, laborious process, and there were times when I was very discouraged, but his optimism and persistence paid off for both of us.

Jarvie Stroupe

We were so very lucky that Ryan was the one who answered our online inquiry! He has been incredibly helpful during our purchase experience. Throughout the process he has been professional, persistent and personable. We have enjoyed getting to know him and absolutely feel like we have made a friend in Ryan. His wealth of local knowledge, stemming from his love of his home town, is very beneficial. Our purchase has had its challenges but having Ryan walking us through it has been an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend Ryan for real estate needs for every type of buyer.

Monica Espinal

What a phenomenal article Ryan! Congrats! I had no idea of your deep roots within the Taos, New Mexico region. Absolutely thrilled that I had the opportunity to work with one of the finest in Taos. Anyhow, first and foremost, I am grateful to Ryan for helping us purchase our future vacation home in Angel Fire, NM. It was what seemed a long process, however, Ryan was on top of everything from making calls, sending emails, making new amendments, and keeping the sellers calm to meet both the seller and our needs. It was an incredible journey and honestly don't think we would of had a happy ending if it weren't for Ryan and his patience. We all learned something new from this experience. Truly grateful. You won't regret working with him as the only thing that pops into mind is "Keep Calm Ryan Can Handle It!".

Alejandra Villalobos Melendez

Ryan Trujillo is an outstanding and professional realtor. He helped us find our home in Taos, NM while we were in Alpine, TX. He went above and beyond -all with grace, humor, and high competence. He scheduled perfectly executed virtual tours and tracked through mud and snow. The market in Taos had limited inventory and homes were going into contract within hours. We had very specific needs (kids, pets, etc.) and tastes we wanted for our home; all within a budget, of course. We also had a tight timeline. Ryan managed it all perfectly. He found us a beautiful, artistic, adobe home in excellent condition designed by the renowned Taos designer Nona Wesley. He was patient, listened carefully, and spoke to us truthfully without spin. He researched anything he didn’t know quickly, solicited advice from his team, and communicated with us constantly. He could not have been any more responsive. I will always highly recommend Ryan. If you need assistance finding your first or next home, Ryan is the realtor you want!

Gina Barnett

I'm so happy to see Ryan Trujillo get this much-deserved recognition! Ryan helped me buy my first home in Taos and he made the whole process a stress-free breeze! His roots in Taos go back several generations so he has a native's familiarity with the community, the real estate market in this area, and the contacts needed (home inspectors, etc.) to make the home purchase process a smooth and easy experience. I was moving to Taos from out-of-state and he was always responsive by text, phone and email to answer questions and arrange showings (both in-person and virtual via Zoom). He kept me apprised of all deadlines I needed to meet in moving from making an offer to final purchase agreement and as a new buyer, I relied on him completely to guide me through all the steps of home purchase. In the end, I felt I had made a new friend in Taos. Thank you, Ryan! I cannot recommend you highly enough!

Adam Vining

Ryan is a Taos insider with superior knowledge of the market. He is clued into the community so he knows how to get things done! He was so helpful during our home buying experience, and after, that he turned a stressful time in a hectic market into an enjoyable experience. His personal and family connections in Taos opened multiple avenues for us we would not expect from a typical realtor. Always responsive, patient yet persistent, Ryan Trujillo will do an exceptional job for you!

Frances Ramon

I met Ryan online, a lucky day for us. He immediately followed with a phone call and then information about listings in the Taos area. When we set our dates to visit Taos, he quickly made arrangements for us to tour properties and, being a Taoseno, gave us welcome insight to this beautiful area. He gladly and efficiently scheduled viewings, which was not easy with COVID, and in a short time frame. He was able to give us detailed information about each property and for some, a little history about the architect and its construction. He diligently walked us through what to expect for closing and kept us constantly informed about the process. When we narrowed down our list, he patiently helped us through the negotiations and then the inspection process. We learned closing takes a long time, but he kept us updated. Ryan became a friend to the family and we so admire his hard work ethic and love for the community. We thank him for making the purchase of our beautiful Pueblo home with its gorgeous mountain views come to reality!

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