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On Dec. 17 on 222 Paseo del Pueblo Norte, Sandy Campbell, Amber Bigbee, Mataiya Bowannie, Taos Mayor Dan Barrone, and others cut the red ribbon at the grand opening of True Kids 1 Headquarters.

True Kids 1 (TK1), a media literacy and training nonprofit for young people, had a grand opening for its headquarters on Friday (Dec. 17) at 222 Paseo del Pueblo Norte next to Revolt Gallery. The organization founded in 2017 didn’t have a physical location until the recent ribbon cutting. 

“The inspiration was really simply saying, this school system needs to focus on the ABCs and one, two threes, that's not going to change and we need to help provide focus on other skills that are not necessarily being taught or not being taught in sufficient measure in schools. And this includes things like photography, documentaries, film, you know, we have a generation growing up in an intensely visual world. And our role is to step in, and help them understand how to use these tools, how to be safe in using these tools,” said Sandy Campbell, TK1 executive director speaking about the mission of the organization. 

At the event Taos Mayor Dan Baronne showed up and spoke about the importance of teaching young people about media and the field of technology. 

Campbell spoke about the importance of educating K-12 students, teaching them hands-on learning and assisting them with getting jobs in the field of media.

Currently TK1 is helping students at Moreno Valley High school with documentary filmmaking and facilitated Taos County students with some student-helmed documentaries one about low riders in New Mexico another one about the return of Blue Lake to Taos Pueblo. Campbell said they also launched a “Professional Pathways” program that will serve as students working for local businesses to do some marketing, communications, social media and website development. 

Campbell said that the new space will soon serve as a possible outdoor classroom and a place for future events.

“Predominantly, it's a place for people to come together and talk and plan and brainstorm and workshop their ideas, get feedback on it to do a lot of actual editing work there,” said Campbell. 

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