Lovers of buying-local brands have a new reason to rest easy. In late June, local business icon Mary Domito – better known as Mattress Mary – unveiled her own brand of mattresses, Double-M Taos Brand, at her two mattress store locations.

Domito, who opened her business in July 2004, cut her teeth as a corporate manager for a mattress firm in San Francisco. But a visit to Taos in the early aughts convinced her it was time to make a change. She came to Taos and Mattress Mary’s was born. The store sells top brand sheets and bedding, along with mattresses. And now, stacked among the Sealys and the La-Z-Boys are Taos’s own Double-M Taos Brand mattresses.

According to Domito, the decision to create her own branding was a long time coming, but several factors prompted her to finally make the dream into a reality. First, her leases are nearly up on her two store locations.

“Change is coming,” said Domito. “And because of that and because of my years here, I really wanted to unveil my own brand.”

Secondly, Mattress Mary has been a recognized Taos brand for over 15 years. Now, Domito feels a branding refresh is in order.

The name, Double-M Taos Brand, has deep meaning for the mattress maven. It is, of course, a reference to her moniker, Mattress Mary. But it is also a nod to her original partner, a black labrador named Molly.

“When we started, I wanted the business to be friendly and inviting,” said Domito of those early days at the store. “Studies show that buying a mattress is like the third most intimidating purchase people make, behind cars and homes. So I wanted to show a friendly face, you know? Me and Molly. This is who you are dealing with. We are having fun and we want to help you.”

Now a decade-and-a-half later, Domito is looking to expand that friendly, local experience.

To clarify, Domito is not manufacturing her own mattresses and bedding items. Instead, she is finding items that she enjoys and using her brand to promote them. She works with companies across the country who specialize in creating customized items for personal branding.

“I am going to take products that I trust and curate for their quality, value and comfort, and put my name on them. And Mattress Mary seemed like a dumb name to put on products. So I got together with my branding expert and we came up with Double-M Taos Brand.”

Because of the method of branding, Domito is now able to slap the Double-M Taos Brand on any items she loves.

“I can do anything with this. The sky’s the limit. I can put this brand on anything.”

Mattress Mary already has her new brand on everything from mattress protectors to bed sheets to wool comforters. All of her items are responsibly sourced.

“The wool for the comforters comes from a carbon-neutral, environmentally-friendly ranch in California,” said Domito by way of example.

Since unveiling the new brand, Domito said many of the items are very popular.

“The people are loving the sheets,” she said. “I mean I have three different kinds in the Double-M Taos Brand: an economical microfiber, a 400-thread Egyptian cotton set, and bamboo sheets.”

With the Double-M Taos Brand, Domito is also looking to expand out of New Mexico.

“I really wanted to have a bed-in-a-box sort of system,” she said. “That way I can ship to any state for free … well, anywhere in the lower 48, at least.”

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