Business in Brief: Week of September 10

Times are tough for a lot of businesses, including the auto repair business, with COVID-19 making people stay at home and off the highways. But it's much tougher for those who are out of work and need food. That is one of the reasons NorthStar Tire & Auto donated $496 to the North Central Food Pantry in Questa.

The other reason is that NorthStar's manager, Malaquias "JR" Rael promised to donate to the food pantry 5 percent of all repairs done in June. It was in honor of St. Joseph, patron saint of fathers, to celebrate Father's Day. "We're extremely blessed that we have such loyal customers," Rael said, "and we all help each other. It's the way we live and do business in New Mexico."

Everyone is welcome to participate in the food distribution on the second and fourth Fridays of every month between 9 a.m. and noon (note new hours). The Food Pantry is on the top of the hill at 140 Embargo Road, off New Mexico 522.

PRC candidate hosts Energy Transition Act town hall

Public Regulation Commission Democratic candidate Joseph Maestas will be hosting a virtual town hall to discuss the state Energy Transition Act with members of the public.

Starting at 7 p.m. on Sept. 10, Maestas will talk about the newly passed legislation which strives to change New Mexico into a cleaner and more efficient energy using state. The bill was passed in 2019 and looks at moving New Mexico away from such a dependency on fossil fuels.

The meeting is free and can be streamed on Zoom or Facebook under Maestas4NM.

TSV businesses get COVID safe certified

Members of the Taos Ski Valley Chamber of Commerce have been working throughout the coronavirus pandemic to ensure their guests are safe.

Now 15 businesses in Taos Ski Valley have been recognized as being "COVID Safe" by the state of New Mexico in battling the pandemic. To qualify, businesses must take online courses learning how to properly sanitize and fend off the virus.

"We gotta hand it to the businesses that have not only been safe-certified, but they stepped up employee screening, cleaning, plexiglass protection, every surface touched and every employee process gets extra attention and that allows all of our community to operate safely," said TSV Chamber Executive Director Courtney Tucker in a press release.

Safe-certified businesses will have a sign indicating they have passed the program and are working to keep employees and visitors healthy.

Taos Ski Valley is currently welcoming visitors and requests that masks and social distance protocols be followed in public at all times.

The following Taos Ski Valley chamber member businesses have been safe-certified: BootDoctors, Taos Sports, Bumps Market, Andean Software, The Bavarian, 192 at The Blake, Alpine Village Suites, Snakedance Condos, Powderhorn Vacation Rentals, Río Hondo Condos, Edelweiss Lodge and Spa, The Austing Haus, Natural Retreats, Los Ríos River Runners, Río Grande Balloons, Cottam's Ski Shop, The John Dunn Shops and Heritage Inspiration Tours.

- Compiled by Jesse Moya

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