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"Reading to the Donkeys" is just one of the classes now being offered at Equine Spirit Sanctuary.

After more than a year, Equine Spirit Sanctuary is finally open to the public. The horses are brushed and literally chomping at the bit. The trainers are on their toes. Now all they need are some people to do some riding.

Though the ESS crew is excited to get moving again, there are a few things to keep in mind.

"We are scheduling a few equine-assisted services (working with special needs kids or adults) also," ESS said in a news release. "We do not have a new wheelchair ramp yet so cannot resume most of the therapeutic riding lessons, but we will do what we can with persons who can safely mount without the more adaptive equipment."

In addition, ESS is still following COVID restrictions.

"We appreciate it if people make an appointment before coming out to visit, but as COVID restrictions ease, we are trying to be a bit more flexible about this."

For more information on any of our activities, email office@equinespiritsanctuary.org or call (or come out and visit)!

ESS classes

Read to the Donkeys

Penelope loves the extra attention that she gets as a program donkey. Someday maybe she'll have her own book of stories! In the meantime, she's happy to be a part of anything that involves kids and hugs and cuddles.

Yoga and Horses!

Hatha Yoga is a Sanskrit term that can be defined as "Adamant Practice" or "Method to Union" and consists of philosophic, physical and energetic exercises originating in ancient India. Yoga is considered to be a path of self-inquiry, self-development and self-transformation.

Our yoga and riding program includes:

Breathing and Relaxing

Sense Awareness and Self-Screening

Head Lift/Neck Extension/Head Turn/Neck Extension and Head Turn

Core and Spine Support/Bracing

Infant Rolling

Shoulder and Hip Opening


Mounted exercises and conscious breath-work are combined to create a yoga practice on the horse. Integrating conscious breathing with yoga helps develop awareness, relaxation, alignment, suppleness, rhythm and coordination both on and off the horse.

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