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To the Taos Community: It is with sincere regret and a saddened heart that I am announcing the closure of the Taos Taekwondo Academy. Due to the legitimate concerns and fears related to the COVID-19 virus as well as the required closing of all nonessential businesses until at least May 1, I am at the point that it is no longer financially viable for me to keep the taekwondo school open. more
As individual private citizens of Taos County we can no longer stand by and watch from the sidelines without setting the record straight. We are facing a very important election in the County Clerk's Office and there have been some false statements made as well as inaccurate claims as to how our office has been run by current leadership. more
In my opinion it's the most critical position in local government. The members in each district represent us. They live in our communities, and keep our beautiful valleys, our waters and our way of life safe, secure and manageable. Their decisions affect us all, such as: road improvements, land uses, assisting in the creation of a sustainable housing market, health care - just a few examples. more
Taos County Democratic Party invited me to participate in an online forum on May 7, indicating that the party would choose preselected questions.I questioned AnJanette Brush's … more
We want to thank those working on the front lines day in and day out to keep our community safe: medical and nonmedical staff at Holy Cross, Taos Living Center and … more
Elections in the time of coronavirus pose a dilemma for us all. How can we safely participate? How can we get to know candidates at a time when social mixing is potentially dangerous? And, what has priority at this moment in time? We will get through this period of chaos and uncertainty, but we don't know exactly what lies at the other side. What we do know is that we will need strong public officials and leaders who will have the best interest of the people in mind and act accordingly. Elections are important and have consequences. more
What is an essential business? I am a building contractor and have a small business here is Taos. The New Mexico Department of Health says that my business is essential. Is it?We … more
Taos County's real election for county-wide representatives will take place with the Democratic primary in June.Taos County needs to elect candidates with can-do attitudes, pleasant personalities … more
Right now, America faces greater economic pain than at any time since the Great Depression. Tens of millions of people have applied for unemployment - including tens of thousands here in New Mexico - and millions more face profound uncertainty about how they will support themselves and their families in the months ahead. more
Traditional Chinese medicine has been used for several thousand years in China to combat epidemic diseases. Doctors Zhang Zhong-Jing (150-219 CE) and Ye Gui (1666-1745) are the main TCM doctors who organized their respective diagnostic frameworks "cold-induced disorders" (Shang Han) and "warm diseases" (Wen Bing) to treat epidemic diseases that arose in China. more
The coronavirus pandemic is not being well addressed in the United States and internationally by our president. Indeed, his leadership has been dishonest, impulsive, helter-skelter, often self-serving and quick to attack or silence anyone who questions his assertions. Much less has he tried to unite the world in fighting this pandemic. more
My wife is an avid trail runner who runs either the South Boundary, Ojitos, Carmelita, Talpa and Talpa Traverse trails every other day, and she covers 8-12 miles at a time. Lately, the trails are becoming congested due to the fact that COVID-19 shutdowns are reducing recreational options, and people are not working. These trails are all multi-use, and mountain bikers are swarming them. Many are not being respectful of the runners, and hikers also using them. more
This essay recognizes a group of women who have served Taos County in one of the most difficult community-service environments, and suggests they too should be honored as "impactful women." The essay concludes suggesting that one of these amazing women be given the opportunity to continue serving our community through a seat on the county commission. Yes, an endorsement. more
I hope that this letter finds you and your family well and safe as we struggle to adjust to the threats of the coronavirus. We are a resilient community and we will overcome this challenge. more
Right now, America faces greater economic pain than at any time since the Great Depression. Tens of millions of people have applied for unemployment – including tens of thousands here in New Mexico – and millions more face profound uncertainty about how they will support themselves and their families in the months ahead.  more
There is no official psychiatric diagnosis of "psychopath." However, there is one for "antisocial personality disorder" that parallels the unofficial one for "psychopath." So I will use the unofficial term "psychopath" for the same set of characteristics. more
When I was 4 years old we lived in a large apartment complex in Falls Church, Virginia. One day I wandered to the upper apartments. Three older boys got a hold of me. One sat on me and the other boys gathered some grass and put it in a pile by my head. One boy took out some matches and said they were going to burn me. I was very frightened. more
In Greek mythology, Nemesis was the goddess of retribution giving punishment to those who were arrogant, had come into undeserved fortune or committed crimes with impunity. She restored balance in the world though justice. more
There has been a huge surge in the sales of herbs and supplements associated with our community's concerns about the coronavirus and the resulting infection named COVID-19. more
Dear Community, Today’s (March 27) announcement that New Mexico schools will not reopen this (academic) year means that our state’s 2 million students will be out of traditional … more
The initial shock and awe somewhat subsiding, Taos finds itself in a historically familiar place - standing pretty much on its own to face a marauding invader. This time, it's not an imprisoning, genocidal cavalry. more
It has been another busy week here in New Mexico tracking COVID-19 cases and we are promoting social distancing everywhere. The Lujan Grisham administration is doing everything we can to protect New Mexicans in every possible way. more
For those with a metaphysical bent, the onset of the coronavirus with its unprecedented global disruptions is hardly a surprise. It was only a matter of time before the unconscious, destructive and self-destructive behavior of the human race caught up with it. more
We want to give a big shoutout and heartfelt thank you to the Taos Ski Valley Ski Patrol and Mogul Medical Urgent Care Clinic. more
In 1918, Gunnison, Colorado, was one of only a handful of communities worldwide that survived the Spanish flu epidemic without a single case, while the world lost between 20 and 50 million human lives. more
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