Christina Sporrong’s website bio says she’s a “welder, blacksmith, educator, aerialist, illustrator, performer, mayhem creator.”

Sporrong  also happens to be an extremely gifted artist working on a large scale with metal, building huge kinetic sculptures that are informed by her student years at Parsons when she discovered the Rivington Group on the Lower East Side.

No doubt the views from Taos Mesa, where she lives with her partner Christian Ristow and their son Kodiak, her travels abroad (born in Sweden, she grew up all over the world but Taos has been her home since the mid 90’s) and her forays into Circus and Burning Man Culture, have all played a role in the evolution of these extraordinary creations fired in her forge.

A Burning Man Grant allowed her to construct her Heron which has enabled her to combine her love of performance, especially aerial dance, fire and circus with sculpture in order to create a much larger experience.”I dream big,” she says, ” when I conceived the Herons – there are supposed to be three, I saw them in Athens in front of the Acropolis with performance artists and music – I like to tap into these different mediums because they are relevant.”

“It’s also about the sound, the visuals, the size and the element of danger,” she continues, “I want it to be an experience so that it’s not just Fine Art in a Museum.”

“I love performance,” she tells me. “I see my work intrinsically linked to that.”

Heron was specifically designed to use with the Wise Fool Circus performers from Penasco. 

Sporrong has taught MetalWork Workshops to women. She says she felt it was a way to empower them, by giving them skills that were traditionally man’s work. Women would come to Taos from all over. All the while she was seeking ways to manifest her vision and around the time she started going to Burning Man in the late 90’s, the pieces started coming together. 

These photographs were taken during a recent workshop at Spitfire Forge.

For much more about the workshops and Christina Sporrong, please visit

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