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Twenty-Four Hours (2019)

Mary Esther Winters welcomes customers into her cozy café at Taos Pueblo.

Alley Cantina patrons make their way home from Taos Plaza after a night out.

Tom Pryor laughs with Paul Greenhaw as he packs up his drums after Greenhaw performed with the Infamous Stringdusters at the Alley Cantina.

Ceramic artist Mike Epperly smoothes the walls of a mug with a rib in Logan Wannamaker's pottery studio in Arroyo Seco. Epperly moved to Taos in May 2018 and is working as Wannamaker's apprentice.

Taos artist Ed Sandoval can be seen through the open hood of his infamous vintage blue truck while working on a painting outside his gallery on Paseo del Pueblo Norte.

A ski student's first carpet ride of the day.

Chris Caudill stokes the bonfire with freshly chopped wood outside Taos Mesa Brewing.

Mary Esther Winters and her grandson Marshall Winters run Pueblo Café at Taos Pueblo, which serves local favorite frybread made with Taos Pueblo blue corn and Indian salt.

Under the light of his headlamp, Chris Caudill chops wood to help enliven a bonfire outside Taos Mesa Brewing.

Julia Fernandez de Maez and her students practice for their Southwest Showgirls performance at Taos Mesa Brewing. Monique Pacheco dances at front, Lisa Vigil center and Fernandez de Maez in the back.

Jeralyn Lujan-Lucero works on her micaceous clay sculpture at Sagebrush Deer Studio/Gallery at Taos Pueblo.

Cameron Martinez Sr. carts wood into Taos Pueblo.

Andy drives up from Española to Taos Pueblo most days to have lunch and do crossword puzzles.

Brie Vigil and her mom just left Super Save Foods with ingredients for making pie. This was to be Brie's first pie made all on her own.

Santiago Fresquez and Junior in the back of their parent's pickup outside of Super Save Foods.

Rebecca Córdova cleaning up after a bake sale outside Super Save Foods to raise money to support the children of Celeste Montoya, who was recently killed in a car accident.

At the Super Save Foods parking lot, one of the Drake boys of Carson, New Mexico, shows off the calves they just purchased for a 4-H project.

Jeremy gathers up baskets from the Smith's Food and Drug parking lot.

Recently engaged Nina and Dwayne get ready for a night on the town. They figured it was time for some dancing as they get ready to leave Smith's parking lot.

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