Of hemp and health

Her name is Kristin DiFerdinando, but she's better known as Gemma Ra'Star, the brains, heart and energy behind Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary — a place of indigenous wellness through the use of organic hemp medicine, equine therapy, health consultation, and ceremonies and circles.

Her relatively new shop on the corner of Ledoux Street and Camino de la Placita offers the signature Hemp Heroe protein energy bar, hemp clothing and medicinal CBD oils and body products. Oh, and then there's the consultations. More and more people are coming to Gemma and her staff for health advice.

"We do a lot of consulting with people for free," she says. "They tell us what's going on their life whether it's of a physical, emotional or spiritual nature and then we give them guidance with our whole product line, which you could technically survive on if there was nothing else available. We deal with everything but death."

The medicinal properties of hemp, she adds, helps people with all kinds of ailments from PTS anxiety to aiding in keeping cancer and arthritis in remission and chronic pain. "We can also help people find out where the ailment is coming from in their body," she states.

Medicinal marijuana continues to grow in use and acceptance, but hemp oil is dissimilar from pot. The hemp plant has different amounts of other endocannabinoids in it. Marijuana has high THC levels. THC is an endocannabinoid that's psycho active and is "great for healing, especially eating it," Gemma explains. "But with the plants we utilize, the hemp plants, they're all under .3 percent of the THC and are just higher in other endocannabinoids like CBD, CBC, CBN and CBE."

The reason why CBD oil works with so many health issues, she says, is because it regenerates cells in humans and animals, and it eats dead cells. "Sickness is a build up of toxic cells, dead cells in the body," Gemma describes. "It can come from mental blockages, from physical things that have happened in life and it can come from lineage. We've noticed that the hemp medicine along with an alkaline diet has been improving people's lives 110 percent."

Wumaniti grows hemp in a field in Questa and at Taos Pueblo. They harvested 13 total acres last year.

The medicine comes from the hemp flowers, which is then put into Wumaniti's oils, capsules and body care products. The energy bars are made from the hemp seed. Hemp clothes are made from the hemp stalk. "We utilize the whole plant," Gemma emphasizes.

The hemp fabric is produced out of country, for now, but the clothing is made locally.

"There's no U.S. company processing the fabric yet," says Gemma." It takes a lot of both human and machine power."

Currently, Wumaniti independently contracts about 17 people part time. Wumaniti has expanded to Santa Fe into a 5,900-square foot space at the Santa Fe Place mall. And recently, she opened up a charter in Durango, Colorado and in Coba, Mexico, which is in Quintana Roo near Mayan ruins.

The root of the word "wumaniti," Gemma explains, comes from the Pleiadian star system meaning "flow life within the balance of the masculine and feminine." Pleoadians are described as a collective of multi-dimensional beings or extraterrestrials ("Nordic aliens") from the Taurus constellation, Pleiades. They are said to navigate other worlds often without spaceships, but rather, through human consciousness to deliver messages of enlightenment.

"Thousands and thousands of years ago, humans spoke in color and energy; they didn't use words much," she continues. "Wumaniti is more like the tone in a sound than a word — like you're in the womb and it's comforting. It also means finding the balance between the positive and the negative — the yin and the yang. Wumaniti is about doing your best on Earth.

"There's a shift happening on Earth right now and it's really an extreme shift of peace and love. And at the same time a lot of people that live here base lifestyles on not letting go. That just creates more fear, so it's a time of where we truly believe in balancing the masculine and feminine, and work together for sustainability."

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