Meet  David Trujillo: Real estate with Taos Flair

Recently licensed real estate agent David Trujillo exemplifies his personal motto to “live life to its fullest!” 

Upon graduating from Taos High School, he moved to California to attend college. He quickly realized that the cost of out-of-state tuition would be too great a financial burden. After considering his options, he enlisted in the U.S. Army and served a total of five years in Korea and at bases across the country. Trujillo returned to Taos after military service and sought out employment that would be more than just a job – a career. 

He joined the town of Taos police department in 1999. He quickly rose in the ranks to sergeant and directed the force as chief of police during the last three years of his tenure. Trujillo credits his philosophy of being “honest from the root to the fruit” with helping propel him into a leadership role. He managed law enforcement officers and operations with that candor in mind, until he retired earlier this year at the age of 45. 

In the months after his February 2020 departure, Trujillo studied for and passed real estate licensure exams while juggling home life. He then joined Coldwell Banker Mountain Realty and is already in pursuit of his goal to “strengthen knowledge in my field.” His intention is to bring the same level of honesty to his work as a realtor. He strives to have a ready, accurate response to his client’s questions, preferring to be able to reply in the moment, rather than looking up the answer after the fact. 

Trujillo credits his wife, Yvonne, with “teaching me the ropes and cracking the whip on me. We have a good professional relationship with one another.” A real estate agent since 2007, she now trains and mentors him in learning the extensive body of information that realtors are expected to possess about legal documentation, finances and how best to communicate with buyers and sellers. This couple has formed a “team within a team.” Whether at home or lately at work, David and Yvonne – his companion in life and labors – are often side by side. 

Although he was born in Los Angeles, California, Trujillo moved to New Mexico at a young age. He credits a lifetime mostly lived in Taos with the advantages it will bring to this new occupation because he already knows the area’s geography and landscapes. He’s able to help his clients navigate the communities and roads. Not only that, but he has “a very vast knowledge of who lives in Taos and who owns what property around here.” 

Trujillo makes it his mandate to not “let a day go by that you regret not spending good quality time doing something.” He enjoys creating artwork through drawing and painting. He finds joy and meaning in time spent with his children; this family can often be found fishing, hiking, hunting and riding ATVs in the mountains. It’s no surprise that in retirement he is even busier than before. 

The newest addition to the team at the Page Sullivan Group loves to list forested mountain properties that feature gorgeous architecture.

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