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The last year has been tough on everybody, but for children (and teens) it has been an especially confusing, frustrating, depressing, and overwhelming time. From distance learning, to dealing with family tragedy, to the isolation of quarantine, this generation of young people is dealing with a crisis that nobody has experienced in over a century. So it may go without saying that helping children and adolescents handle the emotional stresses of the pandemic is a major priority for all communities.

To help point you in the right direction, we’ve compiled

a list of 10 tips to help your kiddos handle the emotional

and mental strain of the ongoing quarantine.

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Dr. Heather Marshall Vaskas, emergency medicine

medical director at Holy Cross Medical Center has been involved in the county’s response to COVID-19 since the very beginning. 

Marshall says that the story really begins on March 11, 2020 when Holy Cross CEO Bill Patten called a company-wide meeting to discuss the status to COVID in Taos County and how best to prepare for a worst case scenario.

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Dr. Cipry Jaramillo is a native New Mexican who attended UNM and did her residency at Southern New Mexico Family Practice in Las Cruces. So it makes sense that she attacked the pandemic head-on in the name of saving her fellow New Mexicans. 

Jaramillo is a Hospitalist at Holy Cross Medical Center.

What does that mean? It means she is focused entirely on hospitalized patients; a.k.a. patients with the most severe COVID symptoms.

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Fighting the COVID pandemic requires ingenuity and cutting edge technology. Afterall, saving lives is never easy. But for Dr. Stephen Lucero, a urologist at Holy Cross Medical Center, the qualities he has seen most in the staff at HCMC have been courage and resourcefulness. And Lucero has a very specific story in mind when it comes to showing the heroic actions of the HCMC nurses. 

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Since taking the reins as CEO of Holy Cross

Medical Center in 2015, Bill Patten has seen his fair share

of ups and downs, challenges, and proverbial mountains

to climb. Over the course of an illustrious, decades-long career, Patten has found there is always another difficulty to overcome, another opportunity to seize. But 2020 presented an obstacle he had never seen. In fact, it presented issues that few people had ever seen.

Science has proved, no kidding around: Picking health insurance is extremely hard. It’s open enrollment — time to pick next year’s insurance — for folks who buy it on their own and for many of us in our jobs. Lots of us aren’t sure we know how to pick, and research shows: We’re not wrong.

To breastfeed or bottle feed, that is a mother’s question. There really is no wrong answer as both options offer an array of health benefits. It has been proven, however, that breastfed babies have fewer illnesses of the digestion and respiratory tracts, fewer ear infections, and lower rates of infant mortality and SIDS.

According to the American Cancer Society, Latinos living in the United States are more likely to develop and die from this disease than those in many Central and South American countries. African-Americans are at least 41 percent more likely to die from colorectal cancer than whites.

Whether you're heading on a hike or hanging out in the yard, here are some basic tips.

Trained facilitator and certified peer support worker Brenda Steele introduced Taos to Breaking the Silence in the fall of 2016. After completing her training in Albuquerque, Steele became the program's Northern New Mexico coordinator.

Consumers are becoming more and more interested in and educated about what they're eating

Her name is Kristin DiFerdinando, but she's better known as Gemma Ra'Star, the brains, heart and energy behind Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary …

The olden days when you called your family doctor with a problem and he said, “Take two aspirin and call me in the morning,” are gone.

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Diana L. Martinez-Hernández struggled with morbid obesity all her life, but now she is hitting her stride. On March 20, with tears of joy and near disbelief, the 54-year-old newlywed sat at …

“It is healing for the whole person. The idea that each of us is an important partner in our own health care. There is an emphasis on prevention, education and our natural ability to …

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