There have always been as many reasons people come to Taos as there are people coming to Taos, according to Dee Doubleday, Qualifying Broker and owner of Mariposa Realty of Taos, but at this exceptional moment, one particular impulse helps explain the dramatic increase in enthusiasm for our area. “Now’s the time to reconnect with our world,” Dee said. “There’s no better place to find that connection than Taos.” Newcomers to Taos soon become whole again by reestablishing a bond with any or all of these seven stand-out attributes.

1 Nature

One Mariposa client noticed the emphasis on large, covered portales and outdoor fireplaces common among Taos homes and commented that people here love to live outside. Dee agreed, crediting the beauty of our surroundings. “You can’t help but embrace that connection with nature,” she said. “We’re surrounded by spectacular views. No matter where you are or which direction you’re looking, you’re going to see stunning skies, mountains, sunsets.”

2 Adventure

The wilderness in and around Taos inspires us to reconnect with the fundamentally human craving for exploration and discovery. “Outdoor adventure is a big part of why people come to Taos,” Dee said. “It’s the mountains. We have hiking, rafting, camping, and of course there are four ski resorts within 45 minutes of each other.”

3 History

Where better to connect with history than one of the rare places where history is still being lived? In Taos, we see examples of this every day, as on the Taos Pueblo, a UNESCO World Heritage Center where Native traditions live on. Homebuyers in the Taos area are invited to “own a piece of history” by considering properties originally built by local historic figures. 

4 Culture

It’s a lively mix of customs and traditional values that gives Taos its captivating personality. We are still very much in touch with the multicultural backgrounds that make up our community, as they permeate every aspect of life, from food and drink to music and the arts to celebrations and observances. 

5 Health and Spirituality

There’s something about Taos that welcomes every soul. The abundance of fresh air, open spaces, clean water, locally sourced and organic food, and a relaxed pace makes it the perfect setting to heal, inside and out. Whatever name you may or may not give your most cherished beliefs, you will find your people here. 

6 Community

You know you’re a part of something meaningful when you come to Taos, according to Dee.  “We’re very much a small town. You have neighbors you can count on,” she said. Getting involved can be as simple as reaching out to one of Taos’ many nonprofits to find out how you can help support a cause that will strengthen our community even more.

7 Ourselves

Creative expression is perhaps the most rewarding way to keep in contact with what makes us who we are, with the built-in bonus of helping us grow into who we’re meant to become. Whether your medium of choice involves color, shadow, and light; wood, stone, and clay; words and music or something else only you could have thought of – Taos delivers the inspiration, resources, and support to accommodate every vision.



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