Realtor Profile: Meet Stacey Blish

Stacey Blish has traveled the world, but Taos real estate was always in her blood, and has now brought her back to become a force in the business.

“I was born and raised in Arroyo Seco. I loved growing up here, but I craved change and wanted to see what else existed beyond Taos. I bounced from a small school in Florida, to a Greenpeace Internship in San Francisco, to a semester abroad in Brisbane, Australia. I eventually landed back in New Mexico to complete my bachelor’s degree at UNM in Albuquerque. The following seven years were spent in Denver, CO, and Portland, ME, where I tried out lots of jobs including an environmental auditor, server, property manager, flight attendant and most recently business to business sales. I gained a breadth of experience in all these roles, but real estate as well as a return to Taos was always in the back of my mind. So in December of 2019, I packed my car to the gills, and departed frigid Maine for home. I worked at Taos Air while studying for my real estate license and reacquainting myself with Taos and the many outdoor activities it has to offer. While also conveniently socially distant, this past year I’ve been enjoying hiking, swimming in the rio, mountain biking, and playing pickleball and tennis. I am a regular on the pickle ball court Tuesday and Saturday, and let’s not forget Margarita Monday Women’s Tennis Club.”

Her real estate studies prepared her to step into the family business.

“My dad [realtor Evan Blish] started Piñon Investments of Taos in 1984. This evolved into a successful real estate business while he also worked winters at the St. Bernard in Taos Ski Valley. I always admired his knack as a people person and the balanced lifestyle he had created for himself. As a kid, I would go to his office and pretend to work, and always loved joining him for the occasional showing. Once I got my real estate license in July of 2020, we hit the ground running. We work together pretty much every day, and yes, this does include weekends and nights. He’s deemed us a father-daughter team, and I’m soaking up all I can, observing his diligence and the genuineness he always carries. Walking into the office, you might also find my mom there doing the bookkeeping or my little dog Stevie, snoozing away. My family has become my quarantine pod, as we work, cook, dog walk, and ski together.”

We asked Stacey about upcoming projects that especially excited her.

“We work closely with Max Edelman, a very talented builder who was born here. Max has been building houses in Taos for more than twenty years. He is a master of his craft, so be on the lookout for some of his new houses soon to be on the market. Beausoleil is another project that I am excited about, it is an upcoming development in Des Montes off the Hondo-Seco Road. This project contains high quality home sites, a prime location, and amazing views.”

She spoke about the future of Taos real estate. 

“With more people working remotely, I see Taos continuing to be a sought-after place. The quality of life is high here, and so it is easy for me to promote a Taos lifestyle. Amidst the pandemic it’s certainly been challenging to build rapport with clients, as we currently stay distanced, wear masks, and drive separately to showings. I look forward to the day we are through this, and can interact in the car and the office, and meet up at local favorites like El Conejo or Medley.”

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