Meet  Margaret Romero: Real estate with Taos roots

Margaret Romero, full time attorney and part time associate broker, has led a complex and interesting life. Her mother and father met in Tennessee while he was enlisted in the Navy and eventually landed in California, where she was born. They moved to New Mexico when she was still a child, later making their way to Taos. Her family has roots here; she guesses she’s the seventh or eight generation to call Taos her home.

Like her father and grandfather, Romero is a graduate of Taos High School (THS). After earning a diploma, she began her pursuit of postsecondary education, but this didn’t end up being the straightforward trajectory she might have anticipated. In fact, she wouldn’t complete a bachelor’s degree until her early 40s. 

During the summers between semesters, Romero assisted her parents while they traveled by running their real estate business. She had earned her license in order to do this, but it wasn’t until she was pregnant with her daughter, Amanda – who she had to figure out how to take care of – that she decided to dive more deeply into realty as a profession. Romero joined forces with her mother, who was already proprietor of a thriving real estate business. She notes that her mom “can match people and properties better than anybody I’ve ever known.” There, Romero discovered that she excelled in the transactional aspect of their work. 

A decade later she pursued a life-long interest in the law, returning to college as a nontraditional student at 40. She notes that she had “dug a few holes for myself academically… so I had to overcome some obstacles,” which she did with determination. Romero completed an English degree with honors. She enrolled in and graduated from the University of New Mexico School of Law. Credentials in hand, she initially worked for a firm in Albuquerque as a litigant and then opened her own practice, MY Romero Law. 

Years passed. She returned to Taos once again to help her aging parents with their business. Here, she reacquainted herself with Loretta, a former classmate at THS; the two married. In time, Romero joined the team at Century 21, where she’s an associate broker who primarily assists her fellow agents with their clientele in the “back of the house.” She facilitates agreements on behalf of buyers and seller and provides legal counsel for the company.

This dynamic woman is leaving litigation behind for a transactional practice. She “helps people fulfill their dreams” by creating, sorting through and aligning leases, loans, titles and other documents, working to ensure the pieces fit together. This dovetails nicely with her realty work. She describes real estate as “history, everything goes back in time and involves things that have happened, things that have changed and so you have to figure out what all that means in the context of today.”

When not helping her colleagues, buyers and sellers at Century 21, or clients through her law practice, Romero tends to the outdoor space of the couple’s home in Lower Ranchitos. They grow food – including vegetables that are easier to cultivate in our arid climate, such as potatoes and garlic – and an extravagance of flowers, like the sunflowers that are Loretta’s favorites. Margaret loves to spend time with family and get outside for camping trips when her busy schedule allows.


For more information Contact Margaret Romero of Century 21 by phone: (505) 399-9820, or online:

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