Meet Dawn Grainger: Real estate with a truly Taos flair

Real Estate agent Dawn Grainger, Taos, New Mexico Courtesy

Real estate professional Dawn Grainger brings a uniquely Taos-centric perspective to her job. We asked her about life, work and quarantine.

Were you raised in Taos?

I was raised in Taos, as my father was. I graduated from Taos High School class of 1988, and then attended Mills College in Oakland, California. After two years at Mills, I missed New Mexico and I transferred to the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. I quickly decided to get my real estate license. When I turned 40, I returned to college at UNM-Taos and completed my bachelor’s of university studies degree, focusing on women’s studies and writing nonfiction. I still return to UNM-Taos regularly to pursue nondegree studio arts courses, primarily my passion for painting and printmaking.

How has your knowledge of the community informed your real estate choices?

I am a local! I think I was 23 when I started selling in Albuquerque. Then I moved back to Taos and worked with my mother, Marylin Grainger, who had been a very successful broker for many years. My father’s family had been involved in Taos real estate since the 1950s. I think I am the only third-generation Taos realtor. I enjoy working with Taos families who were classmates of mine, or who had worked with my mother, grandfather and uncles in the past. I am familiar with all of the quirky aspects of Taos real estate.

Aside from years of experience, I have established long-standing relationships with members of the real estate support industries and entities of Taos. I have happily worked with Joel and Marny Schantz my entire Taos real estate career. Taos is a tightknit community and my relationships with clients and customers are long lasting. There are families in Taos whom I have helped three generations with their real estate needs. I never just sell a house – I welcome people into our community, and help them become “local.”

How do you think COVID-19 will impact the real estate market, and what are you doing proactively to sustain it?

It is good for all of us to take a “pause” right now. I continue to work from home, keeping in touch with my buyers and sellers and working with them virtually as I continue to improve my online presence. Taos is strong. We have been through our ups and downs in the past, and there is nothing stronger than our community. There is no place I would rather be during a pandemic – in my hometown, surrounded by my community and beauty.

One good thing that people are learning is that they do not need to live where they work. Perhaps with the extreme increase of teleworking efficiency, we will welcome a new kind of buyer to Taos– one who works distantly but lives in Taos as a full-time contributing member of our community. I hope this will add to our sustainability, reviving local jobs to year-round ones not dependent entirely on tourism. Regardless, Taos will always be its magical self. Taos will always be my home.

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