These days are made for the hot tub, which Neil Collins of Wolfgang’s Spa Works sees as “the next great American appliance,” and for good reason. Easy to maintain and ranging from small and humble to large and extravagant, there’s a hot tub to fit just about every home, lifestyle, and budget. Here are five ways your hot tub sees you through these strange times with your health and sanity intact.


Blink and you’ll miss the new normal. Constant changes to how we navigate life – from adapting to a home office to remembering to bring a mask to the grocery store – are enough to raise anyone’s stress level. The antidote: a soak in the hot tub. Bubbling white noise plus massaging jets plus warm-water weightlessness equal a complete therapeutic package for the senses. “You can make a sanctuary at home, and your hot tub is part of that,” says Collins. 

Feel good

It’s not just a luxury indulgence; it’s a prescription. Many adults already lived with some level of pain and discomfort, having known for years of the hot tub’s ability to relieve ailments like arthritis and joint pain. Now, more people of all ages are using hot tubs to erase the aches and pains of long stretches of cooped-up isolation followed by bursts of restless activity. Perfectly heated water and targeted jets melt away pain by coaxing muscles, joints, and tendons back to a relaxed state. “It’s one of the few material things you can buy that actually make you feel better on a day-to-day basis,” says Collins. “If you use it every day, your general quality of life is going to improve.”

Power up

Anyone can become a morning person by starting the day in a hot tub. Warm water by itself is invigorating; the rise in temperature is a natural signal to the body that you’re ready to spring into action. Add a fresh Taos morning and a cup of hot coffee and you’ve made the difference between dreading a challenging day and dominating it with confidence and power. “If you hot-tub in the morning, you’re going to have a better day,” says Collins. “Sitting in your hot tub, watching the sun rise while you’re drinking your coffee is very nice.”

Step away from the device

“I should increase my screen time,” said no one ever. In fact, as Collins puts it, screen overload is a real problem. “You’re at work, you’re in front of a screen. You’re at home, you’re in front of a screen,” he says. It’s not always easy to put down the smartphone or tablet, but if there’s something inviting to replace it, it might just be possible. For maximum tranquility, silence your devices first and leave them somewhere invisible from the heavenly oasis of your hot tub.

Power down

Central to a healthy and happy life is good sleep hygiene. Common knowledge. But did you know that hot-tubbing before bed is the ultimate lullaby for mind, body, and soul? First, tuck into the cozy embrace of the warm water. Let the bubbles and jets release you from the pressures of the day and clear your mind. Relax in this state for 30 minutes before getting out of the water. The rapid cooling mimics the natural drop in body temperature during deep sleep and causes drowsiness, setting you up for an easy transition into a restful night’s sleep. That’s science.

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