6 ways to spruce up a small space with Max Jones

6 ways to spruce up a small space with Max Jones

1. Use large art

Large pieces that maximize the walls in a small space will give the illusion of space and make the room feel larger.

2. Edit your accessories

Fewer pieces with a more curated look will make the pieces feel more important and add a sense of space.

3. Chunky Furniture

Use fewer pieces of furniture but still fill the space with the appropriate pieces. If you put lots of small pieces in a small space, you will make it feel smaller (he calls this the “Barbie effect”). Larger pieces will create a grander feel.

4. Balance Your Light

Make sure that the light source is consistent throughout the room. This doesn’t mean make it “bright” – just make sure the lighting is evenly dispersed in the space.

5. Be Consistent with Color

White or cream is always a great option in New Mexico but if you are inspired to use color on the walls, stay consistent with the palette of the space. Too many different colors in a small space will start to feel a tad busy and make it seem as if the walls are coming in.

6. Add Textiles for a Comforting Feel

Rugs, pillows and opulent fabrics on furniture will add coziness. If your space is small it should be extra “livable.”

Max Jones Has an interior design background. he is a local artist and co-owner of the gallery Jones Walker of Taos located on bent street. joneswalkeroftaos.com .

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