Taos Style is so much more than vigas and latillas! It’s about how to respect culture and tradition, how to be artful, how to relate to the environment – and, increasingly, how to create a sustainable future. Here are ten ways to pursue that vision.


1. Look to The Past

With its slender chimney and tall opening, this modest, Pueblo-inspired fireplace bespeaks centuries of tradition.


2. Look to Nature 

Study the forms and energies of the natural world and render them at home with our abundant natural materials.


3. Small is Beautiful

With a footprint of 1,600SF, this house performed well for a family of five, and is not too big for its empty nesters.


4. Go for the Light

Artists know all about the Taos light. Natural or artificial, indoors or out, you can use it to create dynamic beauty and contrast.


5. Art

A skillful use of arches, nichos and display lighting is your chance to be as artful at the artwork itself.


6. Grab Those Views

Views are the quintessential Taos experience. Frame them and let them uplift you day after day.


7. Live Outdoors

Multiple outdoor living areas make your small house big and will provide a resting place at any time of day.


8. Landscape Intelligently

We all love aspens, but they need water – so plant them on the north and east side where they can serve as giant swamp coolers.


9. Get Smart

Get ready for the Internet of Things. Install sizzling internet and use digital controls like this Lutron keypad to save time and energy.


10. Look to the Future

Plant trees. Insulate. Buy an electric vehicle. Go solar and help create a green economy and sustainable future for Taos.


Vishu Magee has designed homes in Taos for nearly 

fifty years and may be reached at www.vishumagee.com


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