“The market is very busy.”

Mary Emery, Director, Taos County Association of Realtors


On the surface, it would seem that quarantine has slowed Taos down to a crawl. Restaurants have just begun tentatively reopening, and the Plaza is gradually lighting up after a late winter-spring season that seemed like a complete bust. But in the world of real estate, winter, spring and summer have been busier than ever.

Mary Emery has been Director of the Taos County Association of Realtors since 2014. She has been with Century 21 Success since starting in real estate in 2003, and recently joined the team at Century 21 Award, LLC.

“Real estate had been busy late last year, and in the past several years, the Taos market activity has become more even throughout the year, rather than being seasonal as it had been for a long time,” said Emery. “I was pleased to see buyers stay on track on their purchases in light of the ‘stay home’ orders and stock market downturn. I only had one client this spring negatively affected to the point that she chose to terminate a transaction.

“The market is very busy, lots of showing activity and properties in escrow. Realtors and title companies say we never slowed down since the beginning of the year. In the Taos core area, looking at single family homes within about a 10-mile radius around and including the town, we currently have 141 active listings, and 55 more under contract. Median list prices are high at $489,000 for active listings. Compared to the first quarter of 2019, 2020 is holding with median sale prices consistent at $330,000.


“there is not enough supply to meet 

the demand for residential properties.”

Page Sullivan, Page Sullivan Group of Coldwell Banker Mountain Properties


“Taos seems to get rediscovered generationally. We have a lot to offer with our fresh air, rugged beauty, fabulous climate and access to public lands. In times of physical distancing, Taos is being seen as a very appealing remote rural area and a great place to live and work while still connected to the larger economies away from here.”

Page Sullivan, of the Page Sullivan Group of Coldwell Banker Mountain Properties, has more than 15 years of experience as a realtor in Taos County. 

“Our market is very active,” Sullivan said. “Houses are selling quickly for Taos, which traditionally is a slower-moving market. At this point there is not enough supply to meet the demand for residential properties. The average home prices have gone up, and days on the market have gone down. It is a great time for sellers, and for folks who are tinkering with the idea of selling, this is the time to list. Summer through fall have traditionally been the busier times for home sales, but I had a really bang-up January, February and March. For me and my group, we have not slowed down at all. Showing property is a whole new world, with buyers going in their own cars and with masks and gloves a must. I think the big picture is that people are looking to relocate to rural and suburban areas.”

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