Discover Taos: Summer Visitor's Guide
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ROOM 102 IN THE HISTORIC TAOS INN, on 125 Paseo del Pueblo Norte, is special. One of 45 unique guest rooms, this one room has a silver Nambé star on its door. It was the room reserved for Washington, D.C., writer Dee Strasberg every spring and fall, starting in 1951, until failing health kept her away.

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FISHING IS ONE OF THOSE SPORTS that is just as satisfying when shared with friends and family as it is all by yourself.

Most fisherfolk even secretly hold the belief it’s almost as fun whether you catch anything or not — although some will never admit that. And, with catch-and-release becoming more prevalent these days, there is no longer the onus of feeling bad about killing a creature of the wild.

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WHEN VISITING YOUR CHOICE of a place to stay can be just a pillow to rest your head or an engaging part of your experience. Taos offers a plethora of sophisticated choices close to town, the Taos Ski Valley or favorite hiking trails, all at appealing price points – a charming inn, a B&B, an historic building, an Airstream or an Earthship. 

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Signature must-do drinks around Historic Taos Plaza

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COME, TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES, take some deep breaths, sigh them out, move a little, wiggle.

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TAOS SEEMS TO THRIVE on breaking the norm. Its roots run deep in history, its culture is as distinct as its landscape. From adobe abodes dotting the mesa to chic chalets peppering the mountain side, one thing is for sure – this place isn’t average, and neither are its dwellings. 

Taos Pueblo has been closed to visitors due to coronavirus precautions since March 11, 2020. For more information, check the website at or call (575) 758-1028.

A world, a culture apart, no visitor should miss seeing the ancient pueblo — perhaps the  world’s oldest apartment building. Here, life goes on much the same as it has for approximately 1,000 years. You may notice a shiny pickup truck parked nearby or see modern cell phones, but the customs and the unwritten Tiwa (pronounced TEE-wah) language have changed little over the centuries.

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A RIVER RUNS THROUGH Arroyo Seco – at elevation 7,634 feet. As legend would have it, Taos Valley is flanked by the Sangre de Cristo Mountains on the east, a desert guarded by the plumed serpent on the west and by the ruined houses of La Llorona on the south.

THIS HISTORIC COMMUNITY is almost fully surrounded by protected wilderness, including the Río Grande del Norte National Monument and the Carson National Forest, all of which offer some of the best hiking and camping in Northern New Mexico.

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NEW MEXICO IS CALLED THE LAND OF ENCHANTMENT for many reasons. We are blessed with splendid scenery, lavish vistas and endless blue sky. History, culture, art, mountains, rivers and an active outdoor lifestyle attract us to this astonishing place.

Don’t let that cute face and big smile fool you — Emma Patterson is a badass. The 22-year-old Taos native is entering her rookie season on the 2020 Freeride World Tour after qualifying last year. The FWT is the worldwide circuit of freeride snowboarding and skiing featuring the best riders in the world competing on the most legendary and challenging alpine faces at renowned ski resorts around the world.

Taos Ski Valley patrol dogs are cute, friendly and highly trained. It is the last point - their well-honed and expert skill set - that makes the team of canines so widely respected.


Chokola Bean to Bar Voted Best of Taos 2020 for Sweet Treats! 1068 Juan Largo, Taos, NM

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Antonio's offers delicious authentic Mexican cuisine as well as traditional New Mexican cuisine

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