The Bavarian Restaurant in Taos Ski Valley

The Bavarian Restaurant in the Taos Ski Valley is a destination for skiers, summer and winter hikers and those who appreciate a cold stein of beer with schnitzel, Spätzle and gravy, and pommes (fries) all served in an authentic European style dining atmosphere.

The restaurant recently closed for renovations. You might ask how could an already great place get better?

We talked with Dash Hegeman, the marketing manager for the Taos Ski Valley. Here are the highlights of that conversation.

Dining Out: Is this the first major renovation and how long has The Bavarian been in operation?

Hegeman: Thomas and Jamie Schulze started The Bavarian in 1996. When the new ownership purchased Taos Ski Valley, The Bavarian was also purchased, which allowed the Ski Valley to have a fantastic venue at the bottom of Lift 4.

Thomas Schulze remains the general manager of The Bavarian and brings a fantastic experience to our food and beverage team.

Dining Out: Who did the design and the work for the renovation?

Hegeman: Bradbury Stamm Construction out of Albuquerque.

Dining Out: Were there any special materials used in the work?

Hegeman: We try to use natural materials that are locally sourced.

Dining Out: What were the considerations before starting?

Hegeman: The goal for the work was to make an already great experience even better. There will be added seating both inside and out on the deck, which has been rebuilt and now has significantly more capacity.The kitchen has been completely restructured to allow for better workflow and efficiency.

Inside the seating goes from 76 seats to 99, and outside the deck vastly increased in size so more people will be able to enjoy the fantastic view of Kachina Peak. The area between the bottom of Lift 4 and The Bavarian has also been reworked so that skiers and riders can ride right down to The Bavarian without having to take equipment off and walk down.

Dining Out: How long did it take to completion?

Hegeman: The work is not done yet, but progress is being made by the day. The Bavarian is scheduled to open in December, so there is still work taking place right now.

Dining Out: What can our readers expect when they walk in?

Hegeman: Guests at The Bavarian can expect everything they already love about The Bavarian. It’s an authentic experience unique to this region as it focuses on comfort, charm and European-style dining in the stunning Kachina Basin. Fondue nights will continue to take place on Tuesday evenings and calling in advance for reservations is recommended as that is always a crowd favorite.

Dining Out: Any changes to the menu line up?

Hegeman: The menu should be very similar to what has been offered in the past, but I believe the team at The Bavarian is still in discussions about the upcoming season, so there might be some new additions but all the classics that people love over the years will be there. We lost our head chef over the summer as he took an opportunity elsewhere, so right now we are in discussions about who the next head chef will be, but that decision has not yet been made.

Dining Out: Anything else our Dining Out readers need to know?

Hegeman: As I mentioned, the goal was to stay true to everything that people expect when they dine at The Bavarian but to improve upon it. The added seating capacity will allow us to accommodate even more people at peak times and provide a better overall layout of the facility.

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